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for Tales of Hedwig's Owlet

9/15/2021 c1 Graceluvbug37
Aww, I really loved this story. I like how your described Hedwig's point of view when she's with Harry on his adventures. It's so adorable.
6/5/2020 c4 YeeterSkeeter123
Just as funny as the last chapter!
6/5/2020 c3 YeeterSkeeter123
This chapter was so funny. Poor Harry.
6/3/2020 c4 17Child of Dreams
Um, Hedwig?
You're an owl and Harry is human.
6/3/2020 c2 Child of Dreams
6/3/2020 c3 Child of Dreams
6/3/2020 c1 Child of Dreams
Omg, so CUTE!
5/31/2020 c2 Guest
The fat man. Stewie would approve
11/21/2015 c4 ghost
Ha u should make a read the stories book out of these I would love to see harry,ron's, and herminy's face while reading these
But make shore the animals can talk back I think it would be funny
8/5/2014 c4 8FireUpTheIQ
This is so adorable and amazing! Can u continue this? It would be so much fun if u did. :D
6/27/2014 c4 Sir. nick of Dra
Very nice. It is both funny and sweet. You shoud keep going. Also please check my story out.
3/11/2014 c3 1WangYue
Ahahahaha! I really like this one! The joys of motherhood indeed!
2/12/2014 c4 1serenityselena
entertaining story...
hope to
11/30/2013 c4 sternentanz92
i like your storys this chapter is so funny. Please write more
11/29/2013 c4 3Sharkbaitx42
cute !
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