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11/10/2011 c1 24whitechocolate14
wow, this really good.
11/9/2011 c6 Reny21
I loved this chapter!
10/13/2011 c5 18Lady Firewing
I saw this and was like "!" like the squirrel on sugar that I am. So happy you updated!
10/9/2011 c4 Lady Firewing
This does not count as asap! Don't leave us hangin'!
9/29/2011 c4 43Death For One
OOh Bobby's gonna get mad.
9/29/2011 c4 AislingSmith
thanks for the shout out!

I can't wait to see what happens next. Something maybe involving Rogue smacking Remy,Bobby ice punching Remy, or Rogue and Remy continually making out in front of Bobby. I liked how you put Kitty and Bobby as exs.
9/29/2011 c4 wolf skater
Where r u goin' with this?
9/24/2011 c3 2ballofspite
First of all Kate Voegele and Christina Perri are amazing. Second I really like the direction this story is taking and third keep updating! It doesnt matter if nobody reviews, just keep swimming!

9/23/2011 c3 8roguelover321
aw do more please
9/22/2011 c3 1angelloverkk
I love this story!

So she is going with Pietro, I bet even though Remy will fight for her. Can't wait for an update!
9/22/2011 c2 8roguelover321
aw do more fast please
9/20/2011 c2 6lex-F
Wow this was really good please update soon.
8/2/2011 c2 DEMITRY
Uuhhh well all I could say at the end was "GEE-ZUS!" I seriously blurted that out and uhh yeah XD could you update this soon cuz I'm seriously in love with this story now! Omg I want ROMY! I don't like Bella cuz she is with Remy and I'm a huge freaking ROMY fan anyways you are probably like "WTF?" Sooooo I'm gonna say bye..."Bye" ...
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