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5/30/2016 c1 6Anime in Love FOREVER
Waah! This is so sad! But I loved it! It could have had a happy ending though *sobs*. I always get emotional in sad stories. I'll have to go find a random happy story to cheer me up! I thought it was 'just a little rant' not an entire emotional outburst! But I guess those are the types of stories that get people glued to read. Well at least get's me glued to read ;)
6/11/2011 c1 8Blue-Sub-Dominant
o.o sorry.. I don't get it that much..

x3 but I feel sorry for Amu.. :) nice type of writing though :D
6/11/2011 c1 DarkChoclat
O_O Now this is a one-shot worth continuing! Please? :D

I feel that there was no reason for Ikuto to cut Amu off like that. . Or maybe it's just me. Ehhh.

How about one in Ikuto's point of view?

Lol. I feel like I'm annoying you... Imma leave now. Byes.

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