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for The Beginning of the End

9/3/2011 c1 4RockerPrincess83
Aww that was so sweet. I loved it :)
7/24/2011 c1 4GleekerslovesFinchel
I loves it! :)
7/3/2011 c1 ButterflyDoodles
Oooh, I love it! Finn was so sweet and I like how he decides himself that he want's to change his ways, he doesn't need Rachel telling him. I really enjoyed it; please write more! :) xx
6/15/2011 c1 mprmusings
beautiful! i so hope season 3 is all finchel goodness with a lot of humor and minimal angst...and they graduate and move on the NYC!
6/11/2011 c1 15Isob3l
That was sooo sweet! I loved this! Great job! 3
6/11/2011 c1 oftheheart
awwwww finny you make me cry.

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