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for The Longest Line

8/5/2011 c1 23Summerflowers26
what a sad line to have repeted in the story, but you did a really great job using it. a super sad story, but its true, when something like this happenes, its hard to not remember it, even from time to time. Still, its a great story :)
6/12/2011 c1 Nicole0LiveLaughLove0
Amazing 3
6/11/2011 c1 56Appointment
This is so dark and eerie but it's perfect. You got it down.
6/11/2011 c1 5wordsflyoffthepage
That was really great! I love the line "The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that Harry would have wanted me to keep fighting."

I can tell you really put meaning into your words. Really nice!

I wrote something similar awhile back about Ginny and the final battle. I was looking for one like it. I'm glad I found a story I was really interested in, and definitely satisfied with! Keep writing!


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