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9/16/2017 c1 ShinobiCorn
totally binged this! great work! bummer it's cold but thanks for putting up what you did.
11/12/2012 c1 Guest
This is weird
6/7/2012 c14 NeedsMoreChapters
I found this a few days ago, read the whole thing, and loved it. I need to see more chapters! I looked on Live Journal and tumblr but didn't find anything. Does anyone know where more is posted?
6/5/2012 c13 crookedspin
Between yesterday and today I have managed to read your first 13 chapters and I am completely loving this fic. I do hope that you continue to write it and that it stays on this website. If it doesn't it, I will read it wherever you decide to post it.
2/27/2012 c13 Kellmoon
Awesome story. I love the conflicting Santanas.
2/27/2012 c2 groooviecatyahoo.com.sg
you write the best smut ever. its so intense & emotional.
12/12/2011 c13 18Laura's Fantasia
Great story so far, keep it up! :D
12/3/2011 c13 11twothreefourfive
Great update. I enjoy the level of depth you've added to San's character and the convo with Quinn at the end was just perfect. It was real and raw.
11/29/2011 c13 9tuckp3
okay. this story is brilliant. why it has so few reviews is baffling. santana has so many layers and is the perfect mix of insecure/bitch and i love the way that she has all this internal struggling that feels so sincere. brittany is so much the brittany from the show that i love it - sometimes she tips to one extreme, but she's really well balanced here and i love the family descriptions of the pierces. i'll also grudgingly admit that i'm enjoying watching the interaction between santana, brittany and artie unfold.
11/21/2011 c13 1thankyouglee
Just read this - all 700 chapters- :)

I really love how you get to the depths of Santana. So much in this complicated character. And yeah, you do the sex pretty well too!
11/21/2011 c13 LaurenKnight13
This story makes me actually really like Puck. He's a good friend and I also think that deep down her really does love Santana, but only as a friend. Britt needs to just open her eyes... I also like that Quinn apologized, well, at least tried to right? Lol
11/21/2011 c13 Laura
Wow I literally just discovered this fic and spent an hour catching up on all the chapters, I'm totally hooked. I think you write Santana's narrative perfectly. Really looking forward to more! :)
11/20/2011 c13 8bobbieyoung
you're story is beyond awesome. you're so good at writing santana's feelings and her funny thoughts and so on. definitely one of the best stories I've read so far you could say :) keep going like this!
11/20/2011 c13 23killer cereal
Awesome fic is awesome
11/19/2011 c1 17whybe
Ooh, this is fun. I'd always wondered what happened after they left Artie at Breadstix...

Also, this line is awesome: "I'm pretty sure Noah Puckerman would try anything at least once."
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