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for When Daedalus meets Enterprise

8/28/2021 c8 Guest
I do hope that this story is continued soon.
Have a great day.
8/24/2021 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Ahi noi la si mette male!
Comunque sia vediamo che succede e chi o cosa succederà!
Comunque i Borg sanno essere terribili!
9/27/2020 c3 Castlechristio121
the Daedalus is just shorter then the Sovereign class the size shown in the magazines is not actually Cannon the actual size of Daedalus according to its production model which was made in 3D software he's just short of a sovereign-class AKA Enterprise E you can watch trekyards video on it to find out more
4/6/2020 c8 Starlord Master
Please do go on.
4/6/2020 c7 Starlord Master
Time to learn.
4/6/2020 c6 Starlord Master
Dang, dude.
4/6/2020 c5 Starlord Master
Bring it!
4/6/2020 c4 Starlord Master
Yeah dawg.
4/6/2020 c3 Starlord Master
4/6/2020 c2 Starlord Master
What a world.
4/6/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Ain't this peachy.
10/15/2019 c5 Guest
With, WITH there's a word you should add to your vocabulary.
12/24/2017 c2 Guest
You can’t adapt to technology without knowing what it is. The borg have their own phasers and disrupters etc and are more advanced so easy to modulate shields. But you litterally can’t adapt to something you don’t had the science to understand, it’s just impossible. Like trying to reverse engineer a spaceship in 1800z
3/13/2017 c1 mark
And the word Belgium is from the radio series, which is a different version.
3/11/2017 c1 mark
A word about A bit of universe hopping. It did get a few things wrong, like Arthur using the word Belgium, a word he'd never even heard except in it's Earth use.
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