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for When Daedalus meets Enterprise

5/15/2012 c8 22edboy4926
Awesome story.

Please continue
2/5/2012 c8 john q public
i like the idea of this story but i'm gonna stop reading this story due to its horrendus spelling. do you even think to use say a spell check. or maybe a DICTIONARY?
2/4/2012 c8 ShadowCub
Picard and his peace and love, crap.

Why he isn't in the diplomat corps as a ambassador is beyond me, Star fleet sure has fallen.
2/4/2012 c8 douchiesnacks
good chapter
1/3/2012 c7 mwbib
Please for the love of god...SPELL CHECK it will make things more pleasent for.the reader. Find out the ships and the races correct spelling as well.

Good plot so far.
1/3/2012 c7 merrygal
some spelling & grammar errors -

whit - should be - with

but now the enemy targeting was too better - the too is not necessary

asguard - asgard

returne - return

coment - comment

Please reread your chapter before you post to avoid these errors and make your story easier to read.
1/3/2012 c7 10Just a Crazy-Man
Nice. :)
1/3/2012 c7 douchiesnacks
Good chapter
11/10/2011 c6 ShadowCub
I like it, but Caldwell needs to realize that Picard is useless in a fight, he'd rather haggle than take care of business.

Spell check please.
10/12/2011 c5 mwbib
Good story so far ...hope to see more
10/8/2011 c5 douchiesnacks
Good chapter
10/7/2011 c3 3KitBeast
You are aware that you have this posted under Star Trek Enterprise, yet your using Star Trek Next Generation right?
9/29/2011 c5 2The Hidden Sith
Jesus Christ.

First, run a god-damn spell check? Okay? Colonel is spelled like what I just wrote, not Cornel or whatever you posted. Your grammar needs major work and is really bad right now. Both a Grammar and Spell Check program are on ALL word processing programs. Use them!

Second, PARAGRAPHS. Good Cthulhu in heaven, you need paragraphs. At the moment, you have MAJOR WALLS of TEXT. Every time another character speaks, it deserves a new PARAGRAPH. Good lord man, this is basic 5th Grade Grammar that you are screwing up.

Fix these problems ASAP and your story will be good and readable, in it's current form it's nearly unreadable with crappy grammar, tape worm sentences, incorrect spelling, and overall sloppiness.

9/24/2011 c5 Espaol
confused ace the place where to classify your fic would have to put it in StarTrek: The Next Generation non enterprise since enterpise doesn't come out picard but J. Archer. pardon for the grammar is Spanish.
9/24/2011 c5 ShadowCub
Glad to see a update but could you break up the sentences, its pretty hard to read otherwise.
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