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for When Daedalus meets Enterprise

9/24/2011 c5 10Just a Crazy-Man
9/23/2011 c3 Someone
Dude you actually call this a chapter?
8/20/2011 c4 ShadowCub
I like it but they already gave out too much info.

And its in one big block of words.

Glad to see a update.
7/20/2011 c3 douchiesnacks
interesting fic, cant wait for more.
7/20/2011 c2 douchiesnacks
good chapter.
7/20/2011 c1 douchiesnacks
good chapter.
7/14/2011 c3 herbert89
good story update soon
7/12/2011 c3 3apocalyps24
i am liking the basis of the story however your spelling is really really bad which has put me off continueing to read
6/29/2011 c3 4darkplayer35
Very interesting start to the story. I like the crossover and look forward to seeing how it develops. It has a lot of potential. Please update soon.
6/29/2011 c1 4Dur'id the Druid
This is bad. Not the concept of the story, but the fact that it looks like it was written by an 8 year old doing a make-up assignment is what ruins it. Get a beta and clean up not just your spelling, but you entire paragraph and sentance structure. And at least try to make the charcters you use sound like they would in the show their from.
6/24/2011 c2 ShadowCub
Interested but maybe you need a beta.
6/17/2011 c2 Trife
I like it but I would say that the borg would not adapt to the Asgard main weapons because of the fact that it very powerful plasma based weapons that are basically firing with the heat of a sun contained in them and as seen in SGA they take out Ori and wrait ships like they are no body so I don't see the bork living long enough to adapt to the weapons as it takes several shots (more then 4 as seen with Enterprise sending in bording parties to rescue Picard from them) and by then the borg would be so damaged that they would have to either divert all attempts to regenerate or be exterminated and thets not counting the nukes hitting them.

Also the Asgard shields would not be down so much as they took Drone weapons left right and center when the Tau'ri ships along with wraith and traveler ships all attacked the Replicator home world in SGA. Keep up the good work and please update soon!

6/17/2011 c2 4ToLazyGal
aw, update one before July. 0.0,
6/13/2011 c1 ElldenStorm
Need moar! Give us moar!
6/13/2011 c1 SC Matt Klassen
Another giant quantum mirror huh?

The Daedalus will eat the Borg cube alive. Naquadria enhanced railgun rounds. Those multi-megaton nukes that are standard issue.

I wouldn't use the Asgard Beams, due to adaptation.
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