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for Tornado Survivor

9/4/2021 c1 EnglishBookLover
Love It!
2/28/2013 c1 7carlislelover83
I grew up in Iowa for most of my life, I def know about tornadoes. Now I live in the south and get hurricanes. I'll take hurricanes at least you have a little prep time. Great story.
12/19/2011 c1 Debbie in S. Florida
Well, I figured since I was here, I'd read this one, too! I grew up in Michigan, which gets its fair share of tornadoes, though nothing, I'm sure, compared to OK. I remember tornado drills in school, too, and even a tornado that came when I was in 2nd grade and we heard the "freight train". Thankfully, it didn't do much damage, but all these years later, I've never forgotten that sound. I haven't heard it since, though I live in Florida now, so I've heard the scream of the wind during hurricanes, which is about as bad!

What got me in this story was the almost nonchalance in her attitude. I guess when it's a fact of daily life, you don't get very excited about it, but then, I can't imagine knowing that it could and likely will happen with regularity. As you said, they're a tough people. Tougher than I am, I think. At least with hurricanes, we have some notice.

I'm glad you gave them a happily ever after, though, as you said, many don't get that. And as with your other one-shot, I want to know what happened next! Yes, I'm just that way. I always want more!

Great story. And one thing I noticed was that it almost had a timeless feeling to it. Except for the techological aspects like telephones, it could've been fifty years ago. I really enjoyed it, and you had my heart pounding!

Can't wait to check out your multi-chap now.

10/20/2011 c1 sassy41
i will take an earthquake anyday

i do not think i could live in tornado alley or have to be worried about a tornando
10/10/2011 c1 BELAVERA
My husband & I used to live in Jackson, TN. We had two tornados pass over our house just one month apart. The second one blew our neighbor's shed right up against our bedroom wall! We have had many tornados come very close to where we live now in the 30 years since we moved to Central Louisiana! I liked your story, but why was Edward in pain?
8/10/2011 c1 btlmotormouth
this was a good story but i would have loved to have heard more. you never said how Edward got to where he was or if he was even hurt.
6/16/2011 c1 twilightmom1
Loved it!
6/14/2011 c1 reesessweetie
this was scary to read. but thank you sooo much for giving them a happy ending. it would have killed me if edward hadn't survived
6/13/2011 c1 11hardygirl87
This story weas really good i loved it
6/12/2011 c1 scrosby66
Loved it, I live in Kansas, so we definitely have our share of sirens going off, and running to the shelters.. Thanks for writing!

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