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9/9 c22 VryUnique
Jake is an ass and I'm sorry he hasn't had any comeuppance for
his nasty attitude towards Bella. Edward doesn't even seem to
know they dated but Emmett seemed to.
9/9 c21 VryUnique
What's the story with Tanya? She obviously is carrying a torch.
Is that because they dated or because he never gave her a chance?
The nurse with the crush was also named Tanya.
9/9 c20 VryUnique
We didn't get much detail about the ass Edward has been but I'm glad
they are reconnecting. I'm surprised Charlie didn't show up to kick his ass.
9/9 c19 VryUnique
We didn't get details but it seems Edward has been an asshole lately.
9/9 c17 VryUnique
I hope this doesn’t tear them apart, that Bella doesn’t leave him for his own good.
9/9 c31 VryUnique
Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing.
9/8 c18 VryUnique
I was worried for a minute there.
9/8 c16 VryUnique
Very heartbroken for them.
9/8 c15 VryUnique
I understand Edward not wanting Jasper near Bella if he is still using but
that won’t work if he cleans himself up. They are family and if he straightens
himself out and steps up for Olivia than Edward will have to find a way to
tolerate him if Bella and probably Alice have anything to say about it.
9/8 c14 VryUnique
Awesome story!
I hope Jasper realizes the gift he was given.
I hope she can dance again.
9/8 c13 VryUnique
Shit! I didn’t see that coming.
Hopefully Bella will be ok and it is the wake up call
Jasper needs to go to rehab.
9/8 c12 VryUnique
Uh oh…. I assume Renee will make an appearance. It’s not that?
I’m also reminded that there was a second reason Charlie didn’t want Bella near Renee.
Was it Phil? Did he get handsy?
Bella’s performance didn’t get any talent scouts knocking?
9/8 c11 VryUnique
It sounded like an awesome performance. I have a feeling Renee will be showing her
face again. Was she there? Will she learn from a talent scout? Maybe Bella’s performance
was recorded and will be posted.
Edward needs to cut Charlie some slack, if only for Bella, he apologized.
They should have stayed and celebrated the performance with their family.
Alice finally got a look at Jasper, hopefully she will help slay his demons.
9/8 c10 VryUnique
I could understand how meeting Edward would freak Charlie out.
He probably still has hope of Bella coming home and settling down
with Jacob.
Charlie was definitely out of line.
9/8 c9 VryUnique
I think Charlie overreacted but I don’t recall how old Bella is, if she is still a freshman than I
could understand him worrying.
Renee sounds like a bitch, her wanting to ride Bella’s coat tails is unbelievable. Though,
it was a lot of effort when she didn’t if know if Bella still danced.
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