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7/10 c12 3abbyweyr
should have just shoved him in bathroom to take hot shower alone.
7/10 c11 abbyweyr
understandable they would worry about Bella. Also need to worry about Edward.
7/10 c10 abbyweyr
nice sleep over
7/10 c9 abbyweyr
lessons in signing soon I hope
7/9 c8 abbyweyr
a nice start to getting on same page
7/9 c6 abbyweyr
messed up early childhood
7/9 c4 abbyweyr
agree with Bella, not liking this Edward
7/8 c3 abbyweyr
Interesting mix up of character relationships
7/8 c2 abbyweyr
bad bedside manner Dr Cullen being so dismissive of Bella's pain.
7/8 c1 abbyweyr
this was mentioned on Twilight Fan Fic Finders. Sad beginning.
3/18 c31 1Flora Mile
Ohhh loved all parts of this story, you did an amazing job thank you!
9/15/2022 c31 twiclare
Great story!
7/10/2022 c31 13Elle Whitecap
Very sweet and sad story
4/1/2022 c31 MsLiss
Thank you
4/1/2022 c26 MsLiss
I’m wonerfung why Bella doesn’t sign when she talks.
Or do I assume she does?
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