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for Mahou Senki: Lyrical Days

8/5/2012 c7 1JinzoMask656
Great fanfiction! Can't wait for an update!
8/4/2012 c7 zerodragon
great chapter as always. it may take you a while to update but the chapters are well worth it. Precia doesn't know what hell she has unleashed,
8/4/2012 c7 Airier
Awesome fight scene. You really nailed the pacing, enough detail so that it was understandable but not so much that it slowed the action. Great job.
8/4/2012 c7 f22-raptor340
I was listening to the unlimited blade works ost while reading the battle sequence of this chapter. Is Shirou still dragging that large sword he used at the end of the Ch or he dropped after slicing that golem in half.

Cause if still has the sword Shirou would have the appearance of pissed off berserker going after it's intended target. After tearing through the target's guards.
8/4/2012 c7 10ultima-owner
He's on the war path and not backin' down
8/4/2012 c7 1chaosglory626
Between that Jewel Seed and Avalon he should have enough power to survive all this. He really needs a cool magic sword of his own. You should read From Fake Dreams it is an amazing FSN fic with a Shirou that has sssssooooo much badass potential. Keep up the good work.
8/4/2012 c7 Vandenbz
Sucks for Shirou in the beginning having to stand by while Nanoha and Fate fought. At least he was able to save Fate from that fall and help console her. Can't blame him for being incensed by Precia's words, words that seem to have made him angry enough to push himself to new heights with his magic. He may not have the advantages that the other mages do, but he is certainly badass enough without them! Can't wait to see him confront Precia and show her just how badly she screwed up by making him mad!
8/4/2012 c4 GanHunter
This one is the greatest chapter that I've read, truly epic. The reality marble and Shirou soul.
8/4/2012 c7 GanHunter
Another Great and epic chapter, Its been long since you've updated. Hopefully you'll update the next chapter soon.
8/4/2012 c7 5Jouaint
Great chapter can't wait to see whats next.
8/4/2012 c7 Sdarian
Nice to see this updated.
8/4/2012 c7 HolyKnight5
Hmm. . .Avalon heals. . .a Jewel Seed acts in basis to fulfil the deepest desires of the individual. . . a sort of pseudo-Grail. . .in the case of Shirou. . .would be somehow the Jewel Seed acting by "enhancing" Shirou's body and magical capabilities permanently as much at its posible for Shirou's body to tolerate, and using Avalon to stem the damage caused for the enhancement?
8/4/2012 c7 DHWGDragonblade
What i think? I like it. And i hope the next chapter won't take so long.
Dunno what happens next but i could imagine something like Avalon.
8/4/2012 c7 mbshadow
Good chapter and if you’re going to make sequel to this story that takes place in the 5th Holy Grail war I have a tie in idea you may be interested in using before Shirou leaves the Garden of Time.
8/4/2012 c7 Zikarn Krais
I can see him collapsing once the mission is over.

He literally linked with a Jewel Seed. That's going to strain him so much I don't see much chance that he will ever be useful again.

Won't THAT grind against his pride? Not being able to save anyone anymore?

*sigh* I had hoped there would be at least SOME chance that Shirou could become powerful enough to actually make an impact, but then again, I'm not surprised that he's basically fairly useless.

His prana circuits are limited, he's limited by the fact that he can at most throw or shoot his weapons rather than being literally a mile away and shooting a Divine Buster or something.

So yes, fairly useless. Which could be interesting if Precia literally brushes him off. He goes through so much pain, so much trouble, and just to find that in the end, he's no more than a gnat to the enemy. And must be saved by Chrono and Nanoha. How's that for saving people, buddy? You don't get to save anyone at all! :D
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