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for Mahou Senki: Lyrical Days

11/12/2012 c8 Grosstoad
Ah, Shirou, you so crazy boy.

It's so easy to make him likeable and to mold him into any hero role, because that is his concept and reason.

Put him down, and he bounces back up.
. . .
Okay, Tiger Dojo not withstanding.

Will he return to Fuyuki when the time comes for the Grail War though?
11/12/2012 c8 FateBurn
good chapter
11/12/2012 c8 5Jouaint
11/12/2012 c8 kyle53
Your fiction is really great, but I was wondering, when you will get the heaven's fell arc, will you follow one of the three main scenario of the Visual Novel, or will you create a brand new one. And as for Archer will he be the one of the VN, or a Archer created by the timeline who is actualy followed ?
11/12/2012 c8 16BukkakeNoJutsu
That was awesome. SHirou needs a power up he forges himself. :)
11/12/2012 c8 Fleebwibbletwo2
Your writing quality is excellent, but the canon railroading is very boring. Shirou's presence has, over 75k words, not in fact affected canon in any way.

Plot events ocurred exactly as in canon, and now we've moving on to Hayate's arc, where I suspect everything will be the same, with changes on the personal level of course, but none on the plot level.

*shrug* I think that the meshing of the wtwo worlds leads into potentially incredible possibilities for expanding the universe and introducing new adventures with the same lovable characters, but I don't feel that potential is being met.

This is just a personal peeve of mine, I hate canon railroading, the quality of your story is definitely very high, but not what I enjoy reading.
11/12/2012 c8 34Nanya
Oh my... Is Shirou developing his Reality Marble already?
11/12/2012 c8 Duquette7
Wonderful as always, cant wait to see the fruits of Shiros labor, will it be some take on Excalibur? Or some type of Device? Who knows?
11/12/2012 c8 The One in the Mask
At last after a year waiting arc one is done, cannot wait for arc two and i wonder what shiro will be after this because when he fight with Precia his eyes change color to grey steel same with archer and next time will be his hair or skin that will change.I also want to know whatever shiro will be participant at grail war because right now shiro cannot trace noble phantasm so he will be trace the sword after he see it and i also hope you will give shiro power boost because nanoha power already surpass his so he need something that can accelerate his growth.I also thinks that you need to put romance between shiro/nanoha /fate because your stories lack of it .

that it and i hope the next arc will come asap because i want to now shiro progressive
11/12/2012 c8 4SoralTheSol
I am a big fan of both and I am following you diligently. Please keep up the good work.
11/12/2012 c8 110Racke
So, the Jewel Seed allows him to reach beyond what he has seen and into the eyes of his counterparts? Yes, it'd have to be something like that, considering there aren't any sword-rain characters in Nanoha for him to pick up the blueprints in the regular way. Still, considering Heavens Feel and the amount of trouble he had from just having Archer's arm, I'm guessing this might really really screw with his head.

An interesting chapter, and I'll be looking forward to the new arc.
11/12/2012 c8 10ultima-owner
The perfect blade is just beyond his grasp
11/12/2012 c8 3Tamult
I wonder how the TSAB would handle the Heroic Spirits? Or Noble Phantasms. And what they would do to the Clock Tower. Or Dead Apostles. Or anything on Earth since. . . Earth is not a very nice or safe place. Still. Looking forward as always to the next.
11/12/2012 c8 5Kain Everguard
Very well done story. thank you
11/4/2012 c7 110Racke
Yes, Shirou's regular Distortion, coupled with the mind of a nine year old, creates a very confusing logic. It's an interesting logic, and simple at times, but it's so innocent and yet so Distorted that it continues to make me smile.

This story truly is a great fic, and I'm gleefully awaiting the next chapter.
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