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for The Next Gen Meets the Chat Room

4/4/2015 c4 pjofreak
5/1/2012 c4 anonymous
love it!
4/14/2012 c4 anonymous
this is great! i think the chat room idea is really creative! cant wait for the next update!
9/29/2011 c1 3Free.Izzy
Haha this was awesome!

Btw, I thought it was only fair that I read and review your stories since you did the same ;)

Gotta love James Sirius ;)
9/23/2011 c1 Cat Valentine
LivingintheShadows is definitely Roxanne
9/20/2011 c2 adp1222
So glad you updated. It think LIV is Victorie
9/18/2011 c4 4angel2u
Lily! or Roxanne
9/18/2011 c4 3reedpayne
I know :D

Only because you told me, of course...
9/18/2011 c4 44TheShortOne1993
No idea who liv is :/ but this is really interesting :) update soon!
9/18/2011 c4 Sigga
It's either me, Sigga or Roxy.

I vote for me.

Loved it!

and you!
8/24/2011 c1 PotterVampireFan
8/4/2011 c1 LilyandJames4ever
I always thought Albus was a Gryffindor... I mean he IS half Weasley half potter, but that wa funny
7/24/2011 c3 4mclover45
You updated! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! :DD I missed James in this Chap but I still liked it
7/23/2011 c3 Rainbow dust
Im not crazy, just lovable ^^ love on the chapter! Miss you xx!
7/23/2011 c3 adp1222
That was hilarious. S3xOnL3gs lol
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