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for Harry Potter and the Fake ID

8/28/2012 c3 613AkiraKuranXIII
Brilliant! I wish you'd continued it.
2/17/2012 c3 3sev's-sexy-mistress
Wow...can't wait 2 read more...plz update soon
1/15/2012 c3 4Reader-anonymous-writer
~+ Black eye's glittered knowingly as they watched form a hidden location, and Severus Snape furrowed his brows. Idiot boy.

Agree. It's fortunate Voldemort does not read Harry's thoughts and memories, 'only' sends visions, or there would be much more people killed around him.

Good luck.
1/11/2012 c3 1sunfun
6/19/2011 c2 2Lady DestinyHope
update soon! i wanna c sev's entrance!
6/16/2011 c2 5Tonks-is-cool
Ha Ha, I had to laugh, imagine Harry first getting a monster hangover - his own fault for drinking all these green cocktails - you described the pain, bright light and terrible feeling on the morning after accurately - and why does he think some ingenious Potions Master invented the Hangover Potion long ago? Magic alone does not protect one against everything.

Hilarious, then the scene with him going to a Goth store - but how does he even know where to search, and again, the question of muggle money? - and letting himself be dressed up without any idea that he choose a nice d/s sub outfit?

You should perhaps add Humour to category, if the rest of the story is so witty.

The party seems to have been fun, but nothing happened save drinking, dancing and some touching - whow, Harry is so incredibly lucky that nobody took advantage of him and that no adventurous Death Eaters visited the club... of course I am happy for him that it was no bad experience, so he will go to the next party.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Small typo:

He stomped away after banging on the door several times.

Should be:

She stomped away after banging on the door several times.
6/16/2011 c1 Tonks-is-cool
Love the start of this, that Harry summons the courage to sneak away (But how? Invisibility cloak? Where did he get muggle money for a bus or tube? You didn't really explain that) and wants to live (living versus only surviving) for once, despite the danger.

Writing is excellent for a first story.

The Hermione voice in his head is funny and expected, but not as persistent as one would think...

Harry is and was very lucky that the people at the party were all so friendly, no violence, no untoward advances despite his drunken state...and obvious inexperience...

The black eyes at the end might be Severus watching the Dursley house - but - he would not allow Harry to wander of all by himself, so maybe its someone else? Well, the next chapter will enlighten me...;)

Maybe you could add a standard disclaimer before the warning, and perhaps a line for setting, like the year, AU summer before ... OOP, HBP, or DH? How much of canon should the reader expect to have - or not - happened?
6/16/2011 c2 1Arwen'shellsong
Hey I like this fic it's different from others of it's ilk because it shows Harry's awarness growing and him actually going through the experimentation phase, I look forward to seeing where you decide to take this.
6/16/2011 c2 lost in the sea
good chapter update soon :)
6/16/2011 c1 8Puzzle Me This
wow nice start, look forward to more. there's nothing wrong with it at all, spellings good as well. nice job :)
6/16/2011 c2 2LIGHTNSHADOWS
Ohhh,Harry indulging a little of his wild side? But does he really know what Adam has in mind for him? And who is watching Harry? Can't wait to find out.

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