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for 18 Drabbles

8/27/2011 c6 1kira86
love it
6/16/2011 c6 Guest
...Ummm...I think you should change the rating to T+ because of the mention of sex in here...
6/16/2011 c2 anonymous
"Tsubasa hated after school meetings..."

In this case, it'd be afterschool.

"Tsubasa had no common whatsoever of avoiding Hibari Kyoya, so..."

She had no common...

It's sort of OOC...I mean, why would Hibari want to share with Mukuro? Why would he want to share with anyone? After all, what's his is his and only his. Lol.
6/16/2011 c1 Guest
It's drabbles, not dribbles. You made a mistake earlier, spelling Win instead of Wind. The drabble is okay, but nothing too spectacular as the plot is sort of predictable.

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