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4/21 c157 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Ooo~ the Climate is approaching for Ciel and for Sebastian, just wait until they find out who the headmaster really is what he has been doing in the shadows all this time. Please update soon :D
4/21 c156 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Of Course Sebastian and Ciel would do that, at least Chêne and the gang will enjoy a Beef Mince Meat Pie. Please update soon :D
4/21 c155 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Oh man, this is gonna be super juicy! xD Please update soon :D
4/21 c154 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Oh man, I want to read more and see Chêne cheer on Ciel with the BMF clan and Snake and Lacy. Please update soon :D
4/21 c154 starrat
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
4/21 c153 starrat
Loved it
4/20 c151 Guest
This is one of the best stories ever. I almost never NEVER finish a fanfic over 100k but I have reread this multiple times. Please keep writing this story.
4/17 c151 Ashelline
The elephant is funny. Hahaha
4/16 c151 starrat
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
4/16 c151 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
That's what Maurice gets for being a two-faced b*tch. Next chapter should be entertaining indeed. Please update soon :D
4/9 c150 starrat
I love it so much looking forward to the next chapter
4/9 c150 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Oh Soma...well Chêne is getting her cravings on. And we're getting to the good parts, hahahaha. Please update soon :D
3/31 c149 Kakkorat is Cake
Poor Chene, having Sebastian withdrawals. Lowkey feel bad for Sebastian too, they are so cute together and Ciel is such a slave driver lol. I need more of them in my life, their relationship is goals haha.

Its been a hot second since I read this part of the Manga so I remeber almost nothing, but I knew that Maurice kid was bad news. I'm sure Ciel will kick his ass at some point, love that lol.
3/31 c149 starrat
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
3/31 c149 Wonderwomanbatmanfan
You never cross a Phantomhive, that was Cole's first mistake, and now he's going to get it. Poor Chêne, pregnancy hormones are no joke. Please update soon:D
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