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7/20/2011 c2 2theburninator
Loved the second chapter much better than the first. Most likely because DG is coming back and Jeb is coming to his senses. But I sense the trouble is far from over. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/19/2011 c2 31Miller0259
So worth the wait! (Though perhaps the next one doesn't have to be as long, lol)

I like that Cain wasn't the one to go running after her for once actually. It's seems silly to make that observation, but it's true. We all tend to get caught up in creating DG/C moments and forget that the rest of the characters are there half the time. But I am quite excited to see some DG/C interaction soon enough.

Also, Yay Az/Glitch! They make me happy inside. Too bad about the miscarriage though... :(

This heat wave is quite ridiculous, though it does force me inside and therefore gives me time to catch up on my reading so I can't complain that much...
7/19/2011 c2 Dreamingdreams
*laughing* Yes Jeb she is normal there on the otherside. It is more likely for you to stickout like a sore thumb. Where did you think she would be living on the other side. Hi she is just another person there with not a lot of money. Yes Jeb I wouldn't want to be the one to tell your Dad where DG has been living either..

That is sad I think that they have more than gotten even with Az killing her and Glitch's unborn child and...well her being so sick.

Wow I'm so looking forward to Jeb making up to his Dad and DG for his mistake that he made concerning them and seeing what happens next! I hope you post soon. :)
7/19/2011 c1 Dreamingdreams
Wow ouch that is a harsh in a lot of ways. I mean come on people what would you do if you were a child that came across the witch.

Well I guess DG feels that the one person she loves the most doesn't care for her... hold it what is she suppose to live on or have if they won't let her take back her stuff that came from there. That is very mean of them.

I look forward to seeing what will happen next. Your doing a great job!
7/19/2011 c2 2ahappyjtm
I like this fic very much and hope you continue. Thank you for a lovely what happened next.
7/19/2011 c1 MKRay
Good chapter. I really like that you had DG "show" the crowd what happened, that verdict was intense. Almost made me cry with the DG/Cain seperation. Very good so far
7/19/2011 c2 5BearGra
Ok, there are a lot of things here that I love, but I'm going to try and keep this short. First - I like the fast paced time lapse. I think it was nicely done, Ive read a few fics who have attempted it but have lost me in the process. Here I felt as though I was skimming to the next juicyy part of the story nd anticipating what was coming. Also, it adds a bit of heartbreak for our two lovers Cain and DG. Second - thank God Jeb has taken his head out of his butt! Third - my heart broke for DG a bit when she said she didn't have anybody to worry over her, she's been there for two years but she's completely on her own, not able to let anoter person care for her because of how much it hurts to remember the last people who did - *sniff* - and lastly, I can't wait until Jeb and DG return, it's gonna be crazy (not to mention the reunion scene with Wyatt - lord I can't wait to see what he's gonna do!). Keep it up!
7/18/2011 c2 7Rionabelle
That was so good! Yeah there wasn't alot of DG/Cain but that's okay... As long as we get an update soon! Hehehe yay! Lol.
7/18/2011 c2 4TheEvilAshleyness
Thumbs up keep up the good work :)
7/18/2011 c2 39LittleMender
So glad you updated! I know you said Jeb redeems himself, and this chapter is a good start, but he'd better do a sight more-like go get his dad as soon as they're back. I won't lie-my heart aches for DG and Cain.

And where did Jeb expect her to live? They sent her back TO nothing WITH nothing! I am glad he took the bull by the horns, though, and knew he needed to go get her immediately (without waiting on paperwork).

And surely the people of the OZ will feel they've gotten their justice-Az nearly died, and the unborn heir did not survive. So much of this is so sad.

I'm very much looking forward to reading what happens next and hope they can put the pieces back together. Thanks for writing, Sapphiregirl!
7/18/2011 c2 8daughterofthe1king
I am liking where this chapter is taking the story. Definitely want to see more. :)

I am in the Midwest heat wave and am definitely glad our air conditioner works. Walking outside is like taking a hot, dirty bath with no water.
7/15/2011 c1 7Rionabelle
That was amazing! Please tell me that you are writing more! I loved it. I also love DG and Cain!
6/21/2011 c1 8daughterofthe1king
Definitely wanting to see where this goes. :)
6/21/2011 c1 5BearGra
I really like this, I'm intrigued where you're going to take this. You can cut the tension with a knife! Keep it up!
6/21/2011 c1 4TheEvilAshleyness
Oh God! My heart's in my throught and I swear if that chapter had gone on any longer I would have teared up. You have to update this asap!
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