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for A Noble Act

7/28/2019 c23 trscrny
Very, Very good story! I love this idea and just sorry that Callen's father had to die. And I'm not a good investigator so I don't know what the key is? A house? In spite of my ignorance, this story is really great and I'm glad you made it so that Callen's search is finally resolved and he can move on...to the point he may even buy furniture! LOL! Thank you for sharing your talent!
5/25/2019 c23 Vadercat
Although I like the premise of the story I dont think Callen would have been so forgiving of his Aunt Hetty, no matter how much he liked her. I'd be livid. She knew who he was, she knew his childhood pain, she knew he was searching for answers, she knew his name, she knew his mother, she knew he wanted family more then anything. All those things she knew and he just forgave her like nothing happened? I don't think so. Too many wrongs to make 1 right.
5/25/2019 c10 Vadercat
in this chapter 10 your having Hetty and Gibbs talk about a third person as Callen's son , but you make no reference to the actual person so it's rather confusing. who is the Male that thinks of Callen as his son. I know Hetty thinks of him that way. You need to be more clear when writing. You have to the reader an indication of who you are writing about, even if you haven't introduced the character fully.
4/25/2019 c23 Lestat74
Great job! I enjoyed each chapter very much!
5/5/2018 c23 Guest
I don't get the key at the end, but I liked the story and you AU, a happier ending for the most part then today's story in Season 9. To come so far, to rescue your father only to lose him again to a cruel quirk of fate. At least your ending gave Callen an Aunt he was familiar with and not such a large loss.
6/7/2016 c23 13Dramamama5
Ummmmmm, key? What did I miss? This was fantabulous. Good story!
5/25/2016 c12 Kai-Morgan McGarrett
10/19/2014 c23 10Claire.CZ
As a true hurt/comfort junkie I really enjoyed your story.
The highlights were Callen hiding his paralysis, Jack's behaviour towards Callen (an of course his blue eyes) and the description of the four phone calls. But the biggest surprise was Hetty, a Comescu.
You very nicely incorporated Deeks into the story, sent Dom to DC and connected the story with the little information about Callen's past that were known at that time.

Just a small note, in earlier chapters you used the name of a country - Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia split in 1993 and two independent states were established. But I understand that you maybe deliberately used this name to prevent the story taking place in an existing real country.
We Czechs would have never tortured Mr Callen :)
11/20/2013 c13 10Rehabilitated Sith
So many twists and turns!
11/24/2012 c5 28knirbenrots
Love, yes love this story!
10/1/2012 c22 Richtsje
Loved your story. I think deep down in there, something of Callen's family story will really be like this.
9/30/2012 c18 Richtsje
Woow, I really love this story! Pity I cannot finish it tonight ...
6/11/2012 c23 wotumba1
sooo glad that G finally found out about his past!

wonderful story!
6/11/2012 c22 wotumba1
wow, WTH?

i soo did not see THAT coming...

i mean hetty... just wow
6/11/2012 c21 wotumba1
as i said: what a family! you can see where callen's coming from...

what terror has come now?
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