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11/11/2011 c1 2CreggaFoeseeker
okay, new comer to Jimmy O'Bannon, but this was a great story. It swept me along with it effortlessly. I loved it :) A feeling of triumph that made me want to stand up and cheer, the closeness of family and friends, and the sort of relief after its all over. Lovely. until next time.

8/7/2011 c1 178Ramzes
Wow! After all the crap life put Jimmy through, it's refreshing to see him so. I am not into hockey - it isn't so popular over here, but well, football is popular everywhere, but I am not into it either, - but I enjoyed Jimmy's feelings here. I thought it was so sweet of everyone to come support him.
8/4/2011 c1 PainAndRegrets
I'm a Canucks fan... from Vancouver. Yup. That's right. I liked how you mixed hockey with the Harry Potter world. It's probably the best hockey/ HP FIC I've read. The thing that sucks about this FIC is that you made me ... What's the word? ... feel bad about not feeling happy for the bruins. Hmmm that might be a good thing. To put it lightly, I did rage a bit when Canucks lost. Why didn't you mention Thornton? Another thing that sucks about this fix is that... Well... The Canucks lost in this one... Good fic though.if I were to rate this fix out of 10, you know 10 being the best and 1 being the worst... I'd give it ... An 8. An 8.5. Nothing... Nothing over a 9.8. There's still room for improvement. If you mentioned, I dunno, Joe Thornton, Ryan kesler, Alex Burrows or mason Raymond (he was injured so he couldn't play the last few games) I wouldve rated this FIC a 9.85
7/10/2011 c1 4Midnight Cheesecake
This is really good! I liked how you mixed my favorite sports team (obviously the Bruins XD) and my favorite book (obviously HP!) and created this great oneshot! I loved how you showed all of the emotion in all of the right places. In other words, this oneshot was amazing!

6/27/2011 c1 17Kris Pilar
Been pretty distracted lately and finally got a chance to read this, and despite not being much of a sports person, I enjoyed it. I could really feel Jimmy's emotions through the entire thing from wanting to prolong the end of the game, to the almost disbelief that they had won, and finally the excitement of afterwards and missing those who had died years before. I liked the touch of him imagining how they'd react to Jimmy getting upset over the fact, it does seem like something they'd say.

On a side note, I have the next chapter of Bryt's story finished, and once I get done with a read-through edit, I plan to put it up.
6/21/2011 c1 33Ferretess xxx
I was so excited when the Bruins won the cup! They're my favorite team in all sports combined, including my school teams! Anyway, great story! And, I don't think O'Bannon is a real Bruins player, is he? I don't really know all of the players.

Well, great job with this. :)
6/20/2011 c1 2Jazzcat
Absolutely remarkable, JJ.

I laughed through most of it. Even though I rooted for Boston to win the Cup, I know nothing about the team members - except the goalie, Tim Thomas. It didn't matter. Your descriptions of various guys on the team, especially the captain, were better than pictures.

In addition, you captured the emotion of Game Seven's final minutes. Nice touch by O'Bannon, throwing the puck around and eating more time off the clock before he got off the ice! Then, when the time came to touch the trophy and hoist it, more perfect emotions. And in the locker room, I could totally understand a team rallying around one of their own who survived an alcohol addiction by choosing sparkling apple cider over the more traditional champagne.

And you had to put the Dropkick Murphys song in there! Awesome!

Then the crush of friends and family, which was also perfect... all of it. Mireet is a sweetheart, and she helped Jimmy through so much. This triumph belonged to her - just as much as if she'd been out there on the ice herself.

You even crammed in a mention of the rioting! Along with Rosa's desire to restore law and order. I'm sorry she didn't have the chance.

Last but not least, the wonderful people who weren't there physically to share in the moment were all smiling down from Heaven.

Just perfect. Awesome work, JJ.

6/19/2011 c1 PSay
This is a great after the end story. What a great triumph for someone who went through so much. Thanks for writing such and uplifting story. pms

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