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for total outcasts: black veil brides

7/14/2013 c7 killer4853
love the story
6/10/2013 c20 Guest
I can't find the sequel and I really really liked this book , one of the best books I've read so far want to read the sequel to this so bad great job
1/19/2013 c20 Sabrina
Wow, this story is really well written. However, I will comment on spelling because that is the main thing I noticed. Although, you have a great story line and had me hooked! Make sure you carry on writing, who knows; you might get a job out of little things like this!
12/22/2012 c1 bob
8/18/2012 c11 Guest
Hey there !
love the story sooooo much ! It's so creative compared to some other fanfiction stories. It's great that's Cc has a separate back story and I love love LOVE the whole idea of Andy being a Vampire, it just makes him even hotter if that's possible ;)
Anyway it's fabulous pleeeeeaase keep writing I neeeeed my daily fix of your story 3
Zoe xxx
7/30/2012 c1 Me
fucking nay
7/20/2012 c1 lord voldimort
Wow. It puts like my 2 favorite things together. It was awesome keep wrighting!
6/27/2012 c3 Adeline Kirkland-Australia
""You're doing what to me?" a confused Ashley walked in, holding a studded belt with chains wrapped around it. "Nothing, we don't need the belt." Sandra said, finally figuring out what was going on. "Ashley, I think you shouldn't get to close to Andy, just encase."

"Encase what?"

"You know that nice thing he could smell..."

"Wait. Your saying Andy wants to, drink my blood?" Ashley asked shocked.

"What can I say ash, its good blood." Andy piped up. "He has a point, it tastes divine." Eternity commented.

"So I have two vampires after my blood? Great, now I'm scared shitless." Lol
5/15/2012 c2 xOildale
This is really awesome! I love it! I really like the ending, it really brings out how adorable Andy is. XD Great story!
5/12/2012 c1 xOildale
I think its really good, but I find it sad because I love Andy so much. But, you are a VERY good writer, I look forward to finish reading this. :)
4/24/2012 c1 Rebecca
It's a shame you don't know how to use their/there and where/were properly. It kinda disturbs the reading.

The story itself is a bit cliché, but quite good anyway. Keep on writing, it only gets better. :-)
2/15/2012 c5 Idiotman
This is the stupidest thing I have ever read.
8/25/2011 c7 InsanityIsAllAroundUs
7/26/2011 c19 MsSerres4
*new reader* this story is totally awesome,i loved it from the beginning,great job :)
7/14/2011 c19 ILuvvAndyBiersackBitchMWAHAHA
dont end it! this is onee of my favortitee storiees! its amaaazing, ndd i think yhuu shuld continue it. ndd cc is funny.
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