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for Warrior's of the force III: Warrior's End

9/18/2011 c12 2Wolf2
Great chapter and yet another great cliffhanger.
9/18/2011 c12 3son of wind
great chapter man! love how Ventress and Zach fight and Michael just sits back and watches, very funny!

Update soon! can't wait for the next chapter!
9/16/2011 c12 20General Maraxus
... a puppet show? (Collapse on the floor) :| I give up, I thought I had that guy figured but now... oh well, looking forward to seeing how the guys pull this off.
9/16/2011 c12 5patattack
wicked chapter. liked that ahsoka and anakin are okay again (at least for now). the bit with ventress going "I'm zach and I'm an idiot" was funny. The rest was very good as well. Keep it up.
9/6/2011 c11 2Wolf2
Great chapter and I knew barriss would get pregnant.
9/5/2011 c11 3son of wind
Loved the way the guys got off the ship, It was so cool!

did not Expect to see Ventress! Wow good twist in the story, very nice.

Keep up the good work and update soon ok!
9/5/2011 c11 20General Maraxus
...well that was certainly unexpected. How did their master know about what was going to happen in the future that clearly? VENTRESS? Seriously now she's teaming with them? Glad to gear it, just hope Snips and Barriss don't hear about it. Great chapter and I am hooked to see what they do next
9/5/2011 c11 5patattack
nice chapter. the part with anakin and ahsoka was kind of sad. but at least there was still some good stuff in here.
9/3/2011 c10 3son of wind
Dun Dun Duuuun! Oh man Tarkin is a... well I can't think anything that can be said in public so insert a string of cuss words at the dotes.

Update soon!
9/3/2011 c10 5patattack
Nice chapter. The intro was funny, what with Z turning into a chicken and Ahsoka's two sides and all that. Since Tarkin has openly betrayed Zach and Micheal, that makes me wonder if Order 66 is going to take effect soon (given that it would screw things over for the boys to tell everything to the jedi before Palpatine puts his plan into effect).
9/3/2011 c10 20General Maraxus
YES! Tarkin rules! NO! Zach and Michael! NO! Those poor clones. NO! Those Separatits ships! YES! ...This rocks! Looking forward to finding out how, or if, they survive. Hope Ahsoka and Barriss dont blackmail you in the meantime
9/3/2011 c10 2Wolf2
Cool chapter and did Michael and Zach just got KILLED?
8/31/2011 c9 Wolf2
Great chapter and the part with Tarkin was funny.
8/31/2011 c9 3son of wind
Kids always disappear when you turn your back, don’t they. Well wonderful chapter as always. I bow to your mastery of the written arts. But Ahsoka needs to tell Michael about his kid. I mean the Sith could totally use that against him.

Update soon OK!
8/31/2011 c9 20General Maraxus
I'll splicificate those kids. :| Show some respect to the Admiral. Are you serious, Mastery? Ventress is not dead...is she? O.O
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