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9/14 c10 1SpaztasticNerd
ugh BELLA NO! She's giving me so me so much second hand anxiety! I love it though!
8/4 c2 Guest
You know I have read many first meetings or meet cute but hands down this was the best first meeting
7/22 c25 itsoverkill
I know you published this story many years ago but I am just coming across it and I love it! It's clever and witty and very creative! Thanks for sharing!
7/20 c33 Guest
I’m sobbing this is such a mess and I love it
7/19 c26 Guest
UrDifficult2Read is the funniest name for a review ever. Like so direct and to the point XD
7/19 c24 Guest
Hey! Loving the story but some of the tones are misogynistic. For example the quote “And of course it had been easier as time went by, to encourage a chase with self-assured, aggressive woman. You mean a bimbo.” Self assured, aggressive men are seen as powerful and suave but for women it’s that they are bimbos? Kinda rude tbh. Also saying “innocent” instead of virgin is based in the idea that virginal people are pure and holy whereas women who have had sex are seen as used and sinful. That’s not a great message to send to any girls reading this. Like I said, love the story and I realize it’s been completed for quite a while so these comments won’t change anything. But I did want to voice my opinion on those themes in the story. It’s still a really fun read! Thanks for writing.
6/24 c73 Daisy57
I loved this story very much thank you for sharing. Regards Toni
5/7 c71 ProditorMagnus
I was worried you wanted to write another sex scene when you started with blindfold. Thankfully not this time.
5/7 c65 ProditorMagnus
This chapters Scorpions - "Still Loving You" was more fitting.
5/6 c56 ProditorMagnus
That goes especially interesting and even more meta.
5/6 c55 ProditorMagnus
Oh heh starting the story with bang and now the matching bang. That last paragraph distracted me from what I had been planning to focus on for this chapter comment.

It was extreme contrast reading this chapter while listening to Sabaton - 1916.

It was interesting to read female pov and romance focused story. I first read fanfic sex scene in 2011 and didnt understand English that much yet that time.
5/6 c48 ProditorMagnus
If the event isnt discussed in future chapters I would have to consider this chapter pointless.
5/5 c46 ProditorMagnus
Its amusing how after reading this chapter I decided its time to clean my ffn profile. Hadnt changed it since 2015.
5/3 c34 ProditorMagnus
Once again I feel the need to tell how much I enjoy such descriptions.
5/3 c27 ProditorMagnus
Even better.
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