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5/15 c5 Paradizei
the bitch cap, this is getting so good lol
5/15 c3 Paradizei
the batmobileeeeee. love
5/11 c73 Shazzeer
Awww, perfect ending, obviously the book became a movie ;)
5/11 c72 Shazzeer
Awww, A walk down memory lane .
5/11 c71 Shazzeer
When you said playroom… my mind expected something else ;). But a disco ball is an awesome gift ;). And she rubbed it in Lauren’s face * evil snicker *
5/11 c70 Shazzeer
Awww, almost all her family was at Bella Italia. Edward is a sneak ;). And they are moving in together. :D
5/11 c69 Shazzeer
Aww, he’s taking her to Bella Italia, the restaurant they were at at the same time before the movie * heart eyes *
5/11 c68 Shazzeer
Get into bed, no sleeping ;). Everyone spending time together and planting all the sunflowers, awwww.
5/11 c50 2quartkneerocks
Your author’s note! Gah, how romantic
5/11 c67 Shazzeer
He he, That’s my reaction whenever I stumble upon fix’s that are years old. I start reading believing they are finished and they just cut off * sobs *. Let’s see how the people react wit a collaboration… or just keep as is and ad Es pov ;)
5/11 c66 Shazzeer
He he, bed board busting and feather everywhere ;). After doubling down they sure need hella sustenance ;). Let’s take the potted plant for a spin! With our without the plants? ;)
5/11 c65 Shazzeer
OMG, evil evil cliffhanger! Really sweet that everyone checked up on them. And the neighbour Mary is aware about Edward and Bella’s lil thang they have going on ;)
5/10 c64 Shazzeer
She will throw a bitch fit when he tells her. How sweet to turn the car into the floral arrangement.
5/10 c63 Shazzeer
Oohhh, been years since I listened to The Kills… hella good music in this ;). Operation BellyBeans is a GO-GO!
5/10 c62 Shazzeer
Gasp, what will they tell Bella? They could just say that “ Edward just told us that they might be buying Star lighted, and we all read from the site”. They don’t need to tell her they know she’s BellyBeans ;)
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