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8/12/2012 c1 20Ecchymose
Well that's easier this way. I thought as time gone by that you didn't want me to translate your fiction but indeed my email adress wasn't written... Sorry.
The proposition is still standing :)
7/11/2011 c1 Ecchymose
To answer me, it's my email adress :
7/10/2011 c1 Ecchymose
I loved your text, it's sad and emotive at the same time, and I love Astoria/Draco story even if there isn't an happy end. I'd like to translate your one-shot because there is a few Draco/Astoria story in French, oh yeah I'm a french fanfictions author. So may I translate your text ? Of course if you accept my proposition I'll write that it's your own and it's a translated text :) so ? Thanks very much !
6/22/2011 c1 Bucky5
this was really good, can we expect a sequel or something?
6/22/2011 c1 Guest
I luv Taylor Swift and Harry Potter

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