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8/28 c25 2DebaterMax
Congrats on the baby. Really liked the story looking forward to Lady Vader and Luke talking and maybe fighting
8/27 c17 Guest
After this, i believe Han deserves better than Leia. She's horrible in this story and impossible to root for. Until now the story developed as it did in the movies, some parts I could have skipped and saved myself time since they were the exact copy of the film events. And honestly, who cares about Ana? She's pointless as a character and she could have died a while ago without changing the story too much. She doesn't fit in and her friendship with the main group is forced. And I don't believe for a second that Vader would let Han anywhere near himself or his daughter.
8/21 c26 E
Good chapter
8/14 c26 Darththeduck312
I've waited for this moment. I loved this update!
8/14 c26 ILDV
8/14 c26 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
7/7 c25 A-Tall-Person
This is such a good story please update
4/15 c25 Darththeduck312
I'm at a loss of words! I binge read this and I love it so much! I can't wait to see what happens!
3/18 c25 redrobin34
This was great! I love this fic, it's so great. I can't wait for when they find out Angel is Lady Vader. I can't wait until you update it!
1/19 c25 Kagami420
Great story . And congratulations
1/15 c25 31Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora
I am curious about the datacard, but we will find out soon enough. I am curious though: did it never occur to Bail Leia's death might have been faked? He knew who her father was, so surely he wondered when Lady Vader appeared, but then again, who knows?
I really like Ana though, and I like your version of Mara. I can't say I like her very much, she's probably one of my least favourites, but I like your version of her.
Anyway, look forward to next update! There was a she without an e in this chap3or the one before, but other than that, I can't see much wrong, spelling, grammar and punctuation wise.
12/23/2019 c25 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/20/2019 c25 ILDV
I hope everything is going well with you and your family.
Very very very very very GOOD chapter. Many thanks.
12/17/2019 c25 Guest
I wish you and your family well.

Great chapter.
9/19/2019 c4 Order66WithFries
*darth Vader theme*
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