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for What is there to a face?

3/20/2018 c3 CarleeShindVS
Omg you haaaaaave to continue this... Like, pretty, pretty PLEASE
1/4/2018 c3 Moonlit Puddles
Ooh such an interesting concept, I hope you continue. I like the academic disussions between voldy and hermione.
10/10/2011 c1 42uchiha.s
Hi there!

This was an interesting little oneshot. Dialogue is always challenging, but it was pretty nicely done. I'd like more exposition, personally, just because the premise of this sounds interesting and, were you to expand on it a bit, I think it'd be really intriguing. I like how Hermione caught him off-guard at the end :)


6/23/2011 c1 9lady vonne
Interesting start, definitely! I'm really intrigued to see where you take Hermione's relationship with Voldemort. You have such a unique take on the Post-War lifestyle and I like that, despite the twist to the outcome, Hermione seemed very true to her intelligent character. :)

Anyways, if you have time, I'd love for you to check out some of the one-shots I've written on my profile. I've got only a handful so far, but I'm working on more at the moment, as well. I'd love to hear your opinion! Thanks so much and, really, great job! -Vonne
6/23/2011 c1 7zypherblaze
This is what i love about your stories, from the begining my interest is already peaked. Your very careful with how much information you give but yet you still make it SO DAM INTERESTING!

I LOVE THIS! Please continue soon.

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