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12/2/2018 c1 27iNiGmA
Haha, that was entertaining! I miss KH...
12/30/2012 c3 15Gaaralover2247
Ah, I'll wait then willam and jack and jake! XD
12/30/2012 c1 Gaaralover2247
Hehe, I know a bit of Kingdom Hearts II and I like this story...
11/20/2012 c3 LittleKing9512
Cool. :)
6/6/2012 c2 32Luckenhaft
third time i seen this thing this week and you forgot to put my name on the list. you know.
6/6/2012 c1 Luckenhaft
sweatdrop. oh xion-chan. don't worry sora-kun will bring you back to life in KHIII. along with terra-nii-san, ven-kun, aqua-nee-chan, roxas-kun, namine-hime-chan, and axel-nii-san too. so please stop beating nomura-san. and let me start beating him for not giving letting sora-kun use his drive forms anymore, and not giving riku-kan any drive forms, and not even remotely giving kairi-hime-chan a chance in the spotlight. (littleking is now seen beating the living snot out of tetsuya nomura) and in the next game have lightning from FFXIII show up she rules. and you better make sure to crush the fangirls hopes by having sora and kairi hook up. and would it kill you for riku to get a girlfreind. (coughyuffiecough)
6/24/2011 c1 2Gone into the Abyss
Xion would no doubt try to kill Tetsuya if she ever finds out he's the one who made her die. Good job for a first-timer.

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