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1/22 c25 Guest
Well, this looks rather abandoned, but it was very nice while it lasted. I'll just imagine some kind of ending for myself! I wish you all the best, a successful career and fun with writing! Don't let COVID19 get you down! (I got the Monstrum story recommended, and your writing is fantastic!)
12/13/2020 c25 Swall001
Okay. I love this story—PLEASE CONTINUE. (If only for the back and forth between Harry and semi-sane? Riddle)
11/30/2020 c25 3WiderThanYou
This was one of the most interesting parallel worlds fics that I have read, and was well executed. I’m sorry it never quite finished, but thanks for sharing what you did.
11/6/2020 c15 BlueFin314
Haven’t read the Tortall books (though I have read the Rigel Black Chronicles). Have read Redwall, and I noticed the similarity as soon as you said Sunstripe.

Order of reading Redwall, well, I don’t think I had the 2nd - 4th published when I first read them, so I think I read Redwall then the ones I had in chronological order. Went fine, although reading The Bellmaker before Mariel was a bit confusing. But yeah, they’re good.

As is this.
10/27/2020 c9 Mr.Heller
Snape being sensible? Lol no! That piece of trash loved every second of killing, raping, and torturing he did as a Death Eater, even after his obsession died and he received a second chance, he remained an abusive asshole.
10/27/2020 c4 Mr.Heller
James, who's got all his friends and family with him, is patronizing Harry about losing everyone?... Wut? That deserves a punch to the face at the very least.
10/27/2020 c2 Mr.Heller
Yeah, how can you possibly tell apart two completely different looking people...
10/9/2020 c25 understanding-rougerogue
I really have liked both this story and Jamie's story cant wait to read more
10/2/2020 c15 oregonbird
ONE basilisk! You've talked to ONE! Harry, Harry, you can't judge all basilisks by one who was isolated for a thousand years and then was used as a weapon by its *master*! I'm on Team Not-All-Basilisks - breath, Harry!

Obviously its just after the regurgitations. But I have total faith in the author. :)
9/30/2020 c25 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Sure it does... Lend itself to an epic ending I mean. ;)

Dumbasfudge is as much of a machiavellian, MOB Dark Lord as Moldy Warts, so Harry needs to get rid of him too.

I say Dingleberry decides that he needs to get rid of Harry AND Rachel too to insure that Moldy is really dead and that there's no part of Moldy left.

James picked-up the Resurrection Stone and owns the Cloak. When Dee-de-dee attacks Harry, James uses the disarming charm and gets the Elder Wand thus assuming the power of the three artifacts. Using that power, in conjunction with Harry's, Rachel's, and Lily's help they're able to destroy Moldy and make sure that Dumbasf*** is never in a position to exert control on their world ever again.

I'm a huge Harmony fan, but I could live with a Harry/Rachel pairing.

I personally think that 'Harry's Moldy' is doing a bang up job in Harry's old world, so I don't want to see him destroyed, but could the connection be severed *without* harming Old-Moldy?

I don't see a downside to this scenario unless you're a Dumbasadoor fan.
I think he's one of THE most evil characters I've ever read and I came to that conclusion BEFORE he'd apparated away from Little Whinging! Funny story: I actually kept waiting for HIM to be revealed at some time to be the REAL villain of the whole thing! ;D No joke! "He looked fair but felt foul"!

Thank you again!
See you soon!
MelJ :D
9/30/2020 c24 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Regards your AN: You'll get no argument from me! :) I used to have quite the collection of Star Trek ff paperbacks and I also owned the hardcover of the 1st Star Wars novel, "Splinters of the Mind's Eye". All money well spent!
But had it not been for a strange but happy accident, I'd have *never* in a million years have *ever* paid for much less looked for ANY HPff!

I despised the books and thought and still think that Rowling should have never been allowed to publish her garbage at least not without a LOT of editing!

I don't believe there's ever been another story or series supposedly FOR CHILDREN that showcased unremedied, unmitigated, unaddressed, and even unacknowledged systemic and continuing CHILD ABUSE! Just trying to read the *borrowed* books was a chore. I only made it through books 5 and skimmed 6 and gave up.

The term now used is 'triggering', but I had NO warning about what this series was about. It should have a 'toxic contents' warning on the cover!

I'm a rabid, voracious biblioholic of fantasy and Sci-Fi and have been since I was very young. I remember reading the credits on the original airing of Star Trek and being absolutely enthralled in the show at 4 years old! I got my 1st library card at 5 and I began reading some of the 'pulp' sci-fi and fantasy anthologies/magazines. Of course I fell in love with Tolkien, McCaffrey, etc., etc., etc. So, I'd say I'm pretty well-read. ;)

Anyhoo, I stumbled on a story in one of my ff fandoms that crossed over with HP and wonder of wonders, that writer *hadn't* drank the 'Rowling kool-aid' and viewed the books with the same horror *I* did! The writer didn't ignore nor gloss-over Harry's abuse nor did she/he dismiss what Dumbasf*** did either as a 'mistake' or being misguided, etc.

I was in love!

HPff is now my favorite fandom and I feel that its amazing growth in the years that I've been reading it is in no small part to those who *haven't* bought into the hype and are also offended by this chick making big bucks off of a child's unrelieved misery.

THANK YOU so much for being one of those talented enough for me to love! ;)
See ya!
MelJ :D
9/30/2020 c21 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
OMG, I just noticed that this was last updated 8 YEARS ago! Crud. I knew it was a wip but I didn't really look at the last update date... And I've gone and fallen in love with it! ;(

The pacing is excellent; the story's really flying by but the story is so well done that it's more like watching a movie!

Terrific characterizations and you're doing a terrific job of 'bashing' WITHOUT seeming to bash anyone! Lol! ;D

Well, this is one story that I'd LOVE to see you take out and re-work until you have an ending that you feel we deserve (yup, read the profile ;D)!

I'm going to go check out your other stuff when I'm done here; I found my way to you through a 'Reddit' rec. Hope you don't mind? ;)

Thank you for a wonderful read and glad to see that you're still out there pluggin' away!

Take care!
MelJ :D
9/26/2020 c25 Motherofthehorde
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa its not finished
Sigh...hope you,re well
Good story..well written.
Thank you for taking the time to write..
9/25/2020 c25 jmw03u
This is such a great story! I absolutely love it. I like how sane Harry's Voldemort is being and I like Harry's new relationships in the new dimension. Thank you for writing this.
9/14/2020 c25 MajorChaos13
Dammn this ia such a fun story. Shame it just stopped like that.
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