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11/24/2017 c4 1Munkeyfump20
Thanks for the very good read but cliff hanger you spoiled it as it was getting very interesting
8/3/2016 c3 30LouiseKurylo
Once again, interesting, well-written, intriguing, original. Would have liked more but appreciate what you've posted. Thank you.
1/3/2012 c4 Guest
1/2/2012 c4 Guest
10/26/2011 c4 5Kaoh
A lovely idea - and well handled. Fabulous that Lisbon is so powerful! I think that is awesome! The talents that you assigned to each of the agents are excellent!

Please keep writing this - it is shaping up to be a great story.
10/26/2011 c4 ShunKickSHunKers
I was SO glad so see this was updated :D! So Lisbon and Jane get to meet the team...can't wait to see how this will turn out :D!

Pwease update soon I can't wait to read the rest xD!
9/12/2011 c3 7ChristalSteele
I usually can't enjoy most AUs but this one is quiet amazing and a amusing. A very nice Job, I rather enjoy this and I hope you'll update soon.
9/1/2011 c3 xanderseye
Just found this fic and really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next update.
9/1/2011 c3 49ShunKickShunKers
Yay! pleasent surprise when I saw this was updated :D Liked the way you used Satan and Lucifer bantering with Lisbon (Lisbonator...LOVED IT XDD). Nice touche keeping Lisbon an investigator, and Jane, still the showman...can't wait for the next chapter :D (and will you include some Jisbon soon-ish? *puppy eyes*) Update soooooon xDD!
7/21/2011 c2 ShunKickShunKers
awwww nice meeting, very intense race in the streets :D! (love the escape xDD) will you update soon-ish? :3
7/21/2011 c2 kate
love love love this fic. I have been waiting for the second chapter. This is really a terrific AU - like the SBI and love kick ass Lisbon. Great idea having Jane as a mindreader. Can't wait to see more!
6/26/2011 c1 ShunKickShunKers
Hee practice starts somewhere dear :P I think it's a nice start

Really nice start :D Will be waiting for your next update ! (and have a nice trip if I don't catch you in between)

6/25/2011 c1 6LoZDisneyVG fan
I'm really enjoying this. I can't wait for the next chapter(s) to see how it progresses. U guess we'll find out more about Lisbon's background and current situation then...

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