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6/30/2011 c1 Belle of Books
Oh wow. To be honest I kept expecting an escape and that moment when there was none was shocking. In only a few words you have captured the mood and emotion of Paris in the french revolution. I sympathized with your character even though I had just met him. Well done. I really enjoyed this. Heartbreaking but honest.
6/26/2011 c1 9Clio1792
What's excellently done in this story is the vivid description of Delmont's arrest and execution-thinking that his back-and-forth between England and France might well have been understood/misinterpreted by the Committee of Public Safety as spying (yes, even if he thought he was following orders...this is how the revolution ate its own tail), and that this is what got him into trouble.

Chauvelin, tossing away and burning Delmont's last dispatch was a particularly good touch.

It's good to see this author return (after a lengthy hiatus!) with a new story!


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