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6/8/2014 c6 Karategirl2000
9/21/2013 c6 2Densi217
When you said that Hetty had memory erasing tea from her friend at a spy school, was that a Gallagher Girls book reference?
2/22/2013 c6 Guest
10/13/2012 c6 Sara
Please write next chapter soon.
10/11/2012 c6 Sara
Please write more sone
8/9/2012 c6 3Ncisbonescovertaffairs
I love this! And I love Amanda and densi and Sam trying to figure out with is up while callen is like ur a freak
And I love this
And I'll review 100 times if it makes you happy and stop doubting urself :)
Did I mention I live this?
Random ? Of the the review for this chapter: the flash back has Amanda yelling 'deeks' when he falls but deeks said she didn't know him by that name, what does that mean?
Love this story I'll do random ? Of the review for this chapter every chapter now because it makes me happy and I hope makes u smile as much as it did while I was writing this review
C u next week/when u update next (do u think tht could me tomorrow? Or u no NOW!? What ever works for you! Lol)
7/25/2012 c6 awesome
deeks ur a jerk
4/10/2012 c6 29Kelly2727
hope you keep going cant wait to
4/9/2012 c6 1pallysjr8855
hope u come back to this one cant wait to see where u go with it:)
4/9/2012 c6 Bethany
cant wait for the next chapter im dying to see if they take kensi or not
4/8/2012 c6 12IWantToBeBoldWithYou
This is really good! You're doing a really good job keeping them in character and balancing their relationship and the case! Update soon please!
2/18/2012 c4 clarkson
2/2/2012 c5 clarkson
12/29/2011 c5 6SunnyCitrus10
This story is intriguing. I really hope he doesn't choose Amanda. Kensi is his partner and soulmate. Good luck with school and your activities. I can't wait for your next installment.
11/30/2011 c4 angelhoo
Awww...Please finish the story! It can even be in the next chapter if you want :) I really really want a happy ending with Deeks and Kensi too! I don't know if you're still writing stories but please continuee! Ill even review your story a lot more times if you want :)
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