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4/20/2017 c12 1Amber0522
I've read a few of your stories already and I am a huge fan already, I can't wait to see what your other stories look like and what kind of stories you will make in the future! :P
7/13/2015 c6 13hydra350
"So Fuck off if it's meant to be mean and Thank you if it was just constructive criticism" I think that one sentence has now become my ultimate favorite. I pointed to the computer screen and said 'YES! THAT!' then I shouted 'BUUURN!' :D read this story before now reading it again. My only thing is for you to watch the spelling mistakes but other than that still love this monster of a story! Keep writing more stories.
3/14/2014 c4 Meimei555
I love how she went out fighting. Every person should do that in action movies like this
1/21/2013 c4 2Ayame Yoshida
8/9/2012 c11 5The10thHatter
hey just wanted to tell you, the call Sosa made about the deal being off and general morrisions voice was faked by the Babydolls voice box so you might want to fix that. not many people know that fact.
8/9/2012 c1 The10thHatter
Umm Is it a mary sue if your OC is insane? I thought Mary sue means perfect?
5/5/2012 c12 Kilataia
Great story! I really like the twists you put in :)
1/3/2012 c12 3Katara Melody Cullen
Great story
10/14/2011 c12 285ThomE.Gemcity-06
This fic was awesome; you're a great writter! :)
8/27/2011 c1 The Dark side of the Mind
Hi read your first chapter.

A Mary-sue is a perfect character, with no flaws.

Don NOT make your character a Mary-Sue if you want a lot of people reading it.

But you support what you want to suppor.I'm just saying that a non Mary-Sue or Gary0Lue oc makes stories interesting and less annoying but whatever floats your boat.

Though might wanna change our first chapter you lost me when you said Mary-Sue supporter...
8/9/2011 c11 2One of Those Faces
Totally Tony Stark. :) LOVE RDJ. (not in a stalkerish way though). I loved this story, it was put together well even if it was following the movie line. You gave your character...character instead of the normal sweet and innocent and then all kung-fu ninja killer the next minute. :P I hope to see something of yours up soon. :)
8/8/2011 c11 1The Anonymous J
Tony Stark! And the end was fine by me; you stuck with the romance - that makes it better. Now we're talking about Tony Stark/OC, yes? Well, can't wait for whatever you write (*whispers* Tony Stark...).


Nyxan Moon

7/31/2011 c7 2SandShinobi21
Cool! It's great so far, *cough-naruto ranking-cough*, please update again soon! :D
7/18/2011 c6 8bandkid4life
I feel your writers block! I'm have it with my story too!

Keep writing and have fun with it, cause I might die if you don't. It's good, so keep going!



P.S.= Stay classic XD
7/17/2011 c6 1The Anonymous J
At least at the end of the movie make a big romance scene. I mean they are supposed to be cuddling after all of this, right? You could even continue it after the movie. I love the story and the way you write it. I think you are creative enough to fly the plane on your own once you reach the rolling credits. Keep it up!


Nyxan Moon

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