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for Harry Potter and the Time Of Change

6/11 c20 Trainion
I very much liked it
3/5 c1 Guest
What is he, all those spells are hitting him and he just gets up like they were nothing. For someone who barely gets enough food that's impossible.
1/2 c47 Queen cat spark
You are amazing!
I very liked the fanfic
12/7/2022 c1 Ltbutterfly287
Personally I don't care for stories without a paring solely because they lack that piece of the puzzle that completes it. Though you also chose to kill everyone close to harry as well which takes half the puzzle and leaves some cringy little avenger plot. I also don't understand why this showed up when I searched for time travel fics when you say there will be no time travel.
11/9/2022 c36 CarolWim
The blue order. I love it. A great one. Cheers.
11/8/2022 c3 CarolWim
The reason for the blood wards is recharging with his presence. Now that those are gone why must he return there? Maybe to be tortured again?
10/12/2022 c1 Guest
Typical Harry. Being stupidly noble, acting like a pawn and others are kinds when in reality he’s more important than them all combined.
6/29/2022 c5 4Itsyourpotterhead
Amazing story
6/29/2022 c4 Itsyourpotterhead
The story is amazing
4/25/2022 c47 John Ciaccio
Thanks for a great story.
3/13/2022 c2 Ricee
what chapter Is the time travel this is just boring
3/3/2022 c25 taraygosse
Hi, only just over half way through and just have to say I'm really enjoying it
1/15/2022 c36 divyam
bloody hell this is the best fanfic ever and believe me, i hv read more than 1000 or so. btw if u wanna contact on advice or wanna do a series collab or u wanna beta, then write me a mail on- :))
12/17/2021 c47 Guest
It's depressing to see a story abandoned when it's starting to get fun.
9/26/2021 c29 Guest
Harry obey Dumbledore and sucks his dick.
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