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for Lied to

6/21 c1 Guest
Wish they included this also in the anime.
Very believable. Thankyou!
12/2/2016 c1 Guest
HAha! XD I wish Oda had included a scene where Luffy does find out about it. :) Sure, Luffy's pretty dumb on certain matters, but a crew needs to have faith in their captain. Maybe deep down, the Strawhat Crew just didn't want to disappoint him.
9/5/2016 c1 Bakabaka
I have to agree with your opinion about the filler episode after water 7, i'm quite disappointed how they made the crew lied to luffy just because they didn't want to be scolded by him.
By far, i love the filler episode after skypiea more, when they're on marine headquarter. Tho i don't like how nami throw zoro's sword carelessly because she didn't know its value but it's very logical of her to do that since zoro wander around thoughtlessly
3/13/2016 c1 8MyEternalNightmares
I like this alot, really awesome!
12/23/2013 c1 26Fi Suki Saki

- Oh the hardships of being captain, especially in a crazy crew like that. -

#burst out laugh



Finally understand the hardship of being Captain, eh, Luffy...!?


This is what i liked! One by one they tried to talk and apologize to Luffy, and Luffy himself half happy and half tired after all this!


That was Fun!

Great ending by the way...! ;)
10/22/2013 c1 49shit bruh
hehe, I liked it a lot. It was funny .
5/24/2013 c1 gtrain20
this is a great idea! never even thought about what would happen in this scenario. really enjoyed your work. im also a massive fan of your "broken, nami's seduction log and opening pandora's box" series. can you tell me how long i need to wait in suspense before you update the next chapter of pandora's box?
12/31/2012 c1 6hitokiri oro-chan
Awesome! Thanks heaps for a thoroughly satisfying and well written story :)
5/28/2012 c1 4Rhirhirhi
Good story. Everyone was in character. I can imagine this happening
1/29/2012 c1 4annea101
loved it just finished watching said arc and got a little angry over the fact that they got away with it i mean srsly? but a well im just going to imagine this took place between the last episode of that arc and chopperman. agian great story
9/9/2011 c1 6WindyHaven
You did a really good job! I feel it definitely fits their personalities better, and I really enjoyed how you characterized Luffy. His anger definitely felt much like how he is in the manga when he's angry. Great work! :)
7/21/2011 c1 1cl3ptomaniac
This was a great story!

I love the close-knitted family feeling, the StrawHat Crew gives off...

Excellent Job
7/14/2011 c1 2caring16
that was really thought out and made great i kinda wonder what would happen if Luffy found out way to go
7/8/2011 c1 2talaproxxii
So sweet family love~! :D

Great work on the entire plotting and the fluffinessssss! x)))
7/2/2011 c1 ReVeaLxMeMoRieS
~* lol. Good one-shot. :) I was pretty upset too when I watched this episode. I mean what in the world does the nakama take Luffy for? lol. ;) You should do more one-shots. If I can make a suggestion, you should do a one-shot based on the Sixth Movie I think it was. The movie about this damn annoying flower. ^^ *~
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