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12/28/2009 c20 5Bookits
But won't he run out of gas soon? Please write more soon! This is really cool so far!
12/28/2009 c7 Bookits
Ah poor girl. Will Jenny be okay?
12/28/2009 c6 Bookits
Where did her horse go?
12/28/2009 c5 Bookits
Oh no! WhAt happened? Will she be alright?
12/28/2009 c3 Bookits
Oh snap. This is so awesome!
12/28/2009 c2 Bookits
Whoa. That's scary! Her grandfather seems way cool.
6/4/2009 c4 Vanadesse Meldiriel
YES, i knew it, I knew it was Mithrandir. Yah. i love this tory so far so if you don't mind I will now continue reading this wonderfully captivating story.
6/2/2005 c20 5Jellylegs1
hehe, my names jennifer as well. i like ur story. update soon please.
12/22/2004 c20 28TheAngryPrincess13
Man! Don't Stop There!Plz Update ASAP! Im really hooked on this story! I added it 2 my favorites! Plz Continue!
10/3/2003 c20 14Psyco101
Cool. You need to post more soon.
9/10/2003 c20 Sarah
-_- Stupid computer. As you might have noticed the blasted thing put my reveiw up twice. Sorry about that. But, I guess it means that this chapter was so good, I just HAD to say it TWICE! :D

Your moronic, nincapoopian, nimrodish, imbecilic, idiotic friend,

9/8/2003 c20 Sarah
Nice! The action scene was both entertaining_exciting. Very good! ^_^ I like the way that you describe Jordan's attitude. I'm looking forward to more!

9/8/2003 c20 Sarah
Nice! The action was explained very well! It is entertaining_exciting. ^_^ I like the way that you describe Jordan's attitude. I'm looking forward to more...

8/23/2003 c19 21ElvenDestiny
Lovely, though you might want to watch out for spelling mistakes like 'gaurd' rather than 'guard.' Anyway, please write more and update soon.

~ ElveNDestiNy
8/17/2003 c19 7MaverickGirl
Very interesting twist. Chapters should be longer. Other then that the story is cool especially since the girl has my name. Update soon!

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