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8/14/2013 c3 Guest
Curse you
3/9/2013 c3 1KiraReaper
Write more or the death fairy will take your soul
11/6/2011 c2 smashicon
this story looks like it has pontential and I cant wait until the new chapter comes in the near future
7/8/2011 c1 12Blanc Expression
Booyah, first review. :D

Okay, first off, I loved at your warning.

Second, this is pretty good! You're grammar is perfect and your spelling is immaculate from what I can see. Your descriptions are also quite good. Kudos to you. But on to the critique.

"It's not like my parents gave me an embarrassing name or anything, but I couldn't, literally couldn't, say it. When I introduce myself to someone, I wouldn't say my real name. If it was a boy called Michael, I would say Zabriella. That's definitely not my name, but I can't say my real name. My real name is S-mmph. See? I can't say my real name. I can hardly even think it!" I got so confused here. What is she talking about? Is this a Winx thing?

'"How do you know my name, Pixie?" he growled after he got over the shock.' Okay, I love this line because it's so Wolverine to give nicknames. However, Pixie is the name of a real X-Men in the comic books, and she is fairly popular. Maybe you'll want to change that.

"I then remembered how I knew him: My dad was a total X-Men Evolution fanatic. He watches one of his many X-men Evolution DVD's at least once a day." Sorry... I'm just... I can't stop laughing. Omg. Really? *gigglesnort* Okay, I'm better now... But I have a few questions. ONE! Why is her dad watching a kid show? If he is truly an X-Men fan, he should be obsessive over the 90s show because that's more of his era, unless this is taking place in the future where Evolution is a million years old... As cute as Evolution is, I think most adults would prefer the grittier 90s show/comics. SECOND! How is this possible? Did she find a way to an alternate dimension where she meets the characters from the show? Or do they somehow live in this world? It's not possible. It's like... us watching Sesame Street and one day you actually go there by plane or whatever and meet everyone like they're NOT FICTIONAL. Is this another Winx thing?

'"Excuse me," I began to ask shyly, "But what is a cerebro? It kind of sounds like Cerberus, the Greek, three-headed dog who is said to guard the Underworld," I had done some Greek God and Goddess research, and I heard that Heracles had to capture Cerberus alive without any weapons as his twelfth and final labor.' While this is pretty dang smart, I believe CEREBRO originated from the Spanish word 'el cerebro', which translates into 'the brain'. Nice take, though.

Her powers seem random, but I'm going to give that as another Winx thing. What's up with the Yin-yang?

Also, her dad doesn't seem that over-protective. If my daughter ran away without a trace and randomly called back announcing that she was a mutant, I'd freak the hell out. It's a parent thing (like I understand, pfft. I'm not that old). Plus, why isn't he thrilled that she's a mutant? If he is a X-geek, that is.

Overall, it's a nice beginning, and I await your next chapter. This is one massive review.


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