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9/5/2011 c12 72E Salvatore
Somehow, a quaint little chapter. I can't remember how much the episode gave you to work with, but I can tell the little guys are working overtime here to keep the CaKe coming.

Love having a look at their second date, and I also love that you didn't entirely ignore Sam (which is what I often end up doing. Gah.) and his troubles.

Hesitant to tell you this, but this one chapter doesn't flow as well as the usual. Doesn't make it any less better (is that even proper language?) but sorta out of place.

Still - I love it. And Hetty, your all-knowing-ness is starting to freak me out...


9/2/2011 c11 31TwilightPony21
"Hetty's been decorating. I don't think she'd mind this time." - I love how Callen and Kensi ended up under the mistletoe - I'm sure Hetty got it up on the roof with just a little bit of Christmas magic.

Sam cleared his throat. "You two done?" - Ha ha!

"Hetty." Sam's tone was curious. "How did you make it snow?" - I love how they always suspect Hetty first!

I love that Alex and Lily made it snow, and it was great to end the chapter with the last line of the episode.

Sorry it took me a little while to catch up on reading and reviewing - it's been a busy week, and I hope I'll have more time this weekend. Looking forward to the next chapter - I hope the bunnies are cooperating with the second date!
9/1/2011 c11 always.theheartbeat
Awesome! That snowing thing was amazing...I'm sure Sam is scratching his head just wondering how that happened. Maybe Hetty, too...but she's all-knowing, so that's a tricky one...

Hm. I don't think I've ever seen this episode...there was a brief time period where I HAD to watch another show in place of this one (it was practically my life, I couldn't just *not* watch it), and I'm quite sure I've only ever seen the start and end of this.

Could be wrong.

Oh well!

So anyway! Great job, as always. :D It's all good for the delay - I swear, my computer acts up every month or two! So of course I gotta steal someone else's to get on and check the email. I'm getting off track: this was great! It was cute in all the right places, and not over-bearingly so, which is great.

Well, now I gotta go do homework...sigh. But really, awesome job!
8/31/2011 c11 72E Salvatore
Aww, a Christmas chapter! I must say, you have impeccable timing. I've been missing the festive season this week... And I'll just leave it at that before we both start on our decorating customs again. :)

So... loved loved loved it. Mistletoe, Hetty? Yes, please. As to how she got it up... must admit Kensi's visual gave me a smile.

Sam? Callen? Oh Lord, I might have nightmares...

Again, yay for Alex and Lily. We're seeing more and more of them, aren't we? Definitely not complaining!

LOL'ed at Hetty's toast. Wait, how did it go? Ah, yes - 'Go home, find a wench, raise fat babies and live a good long life.'

This is SO Hetty.

Ah, so you've finally figured out the equation! Idea + Inspiration = Good chapter that makes me smile. Dang, it's taken me years and I still haven't been able to perfect the receipe.

Once again, a good chapter. Extraordinarily so, this time.

It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach that has nothing to do with hot vamps. ;p

Hi to the bunnies! Thanks, little furry things!


8/31/2011 c11 3alix33
"This one was stubborn but yesterday, ideas and inspiration finally got together and formed a chapter." - Kudos on that happening, then.

"I'm not really sure about what family Kensi has, I just remember that it has been referenced once that she goes to Pendleton often, so I'm guessing there is family of some kind there, though don't think it is her mother. Can't quite remember what the deal was with the mum so I'm going with Aunts/Uncles/Cousins kind of relatives." - They do not say anything in season one other than she lived with her dad, who was a Marine and was killed. I have not seen anything from season 2 yet (though my season 2 DVDs are on their way, yay! if amazon is to be believed), so maybe that is one of the questions they answer a little bit in there.

"Callen shrugged. "Then I guess I shouldn't kiss you here." Kensi's eyes went wide; full of two emotions. One of wanting and one of wariness. "Of course you shouldn't. Why would you even think of doing something like that? You know what Hetty would say." Callen glanced up. "Hetty's been decorating. I don't think she'd mind this time." Kensi followed his gaze and saw the mistletoe hanging from the roof. How Hetty got it up there, Kensi wasn't going to ask. Unfortunately the picture of Hetty with white fluffy wings had already made it into her mind. Callen started to move away. Kensi stopped him and he grinned at her. "This does not mean I'm a romantic," Kensi warned him, "but since Hetty obviously has no objection, I don't see why we shouldn't follow tradition." "Romantic," Callen repeated before he kissed her. Not a passionate kiss; as much as he wanted to but a soft, slightly-lingering-but-not-long-enough-that-anyone-who-didn't-know-they-were-together-would-suspect-anything, gentle one. Sam cleared his throat. "You two done?" Callen pulled back and looked at Sam. "You want a turn under the mistletoe do you, Sam?" "Not unless it's with Kensi," Sam joked. "She's taken Sam, so I believe are you. So it's me or no mistletoe kiss for you," Callen bantered back. "None then." Sam turned and walked away. Kensi and Callen followed, Kensi quietly chuckling. "Did you really want to kiss Sam?" Callen asked. Kensi shook her head. "Nope. Wanted to see you kiss him though." - That whole bit made me laugh.

As to how Hetty got the mistletoe up there, IMO she just ordered the very tall ops psychologist Nate Getz to stand on tiptoes and fasten it there, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

"I may have pulled off some miracles in decorating this abomination," - Hehehe, "abomination" is just such a Hetty kind of word, IMO.
8/30/2011 c11 harryginny9
love it...reat job...please update soooooooon...
8/30/2011 c11 472Angel N Darkness
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
8/25/2011 c10 22UnstableBlackWidow
Very cute chapter! I enjoyed it very much. I liked the witty banter between the two at the beginning and Abby stopping by to convince them to tell Gibbs was a surprise. I can't wait to read that chapter and them telling Hetty. But my favorite was the end with Lily and Kesni very cute and important. I like the thing with the shell that is so true about Callen too! Can't wait to read more update soon!
8/22/2011 c10 always.theheartbeat
Abby! Fun!

Yes, you got Abby down, don't worry.

Oh, Callen. How I love his comments about Kensi focusing on him instead of work. :D Good to know that Abby was reacting like that, too. Cause I mean...she really can't keep a secret from Gibbs! It'd be like someone on the team keeping something from Hetty!

Lily! God, she's so cute. She's so mature - and fittingly, too, so no worries. I love at the end how she was (for lack of a better word) unwilling to tell Kensi where her mom was, but then it's almost like she purposfully let Kensi know she was right outside the door, y'know?

And, of course, I love that Lily saw Kensi. Ooooh! Is Callen gonna meet James at some point? That'd be fun.
8/22/2011 c10 harryginny9
love it...nice chapter...please update sooooooooon...
8/22/2011 c10 3alix33
"Kensi was the first to say something. "Do you think Hetty is pushing this a little – putting our desks together like she has?" Callen grinned mischievously around his mouthful of food. He swallowed then asked, "What? Are you worried you can't concentrate when you are that close to me?" Kensi rolled her eyes. "No. It's you that I'm worried about," she retorted. "You have trouble keeping your hands to yourself. I'm fine with it." - Hehehe.

"Callen opened his mouth but was stopped by a knock on the door. Kensi got up to answer it. "This conversation isn't over Special Agent Blye," Callen said, just before she opened the door. "Abby," Kensi said in surprise. Abby walked through the door. There was absolutely no surprise on her face when she saw Callen sitting at the table. She moved over to him; a serious expression on her face. "Please tell me Gibbs knows about the two of you," she said. "What?" Kensi asked. "Look, I like it. You two seem perfect for each other but I get the feeling that not everyone knows, which is why I came here rather than ask you in the office." "Is it that obvious?" Callen asked. They thought they had been doing quite well keeping it out of the office. Dom still didn't seem to be suspicious of them at all. "To me, yes. To others," Abby shrugged. "You don't really want me going in on the ins and outs of pheromones and pupil dilation and tiny body language things do you?" "No," Callen agreed. He'd heard about Abby through Gibbs and knew she saw things many others didn't. Including trained agents. Her insights, talent and bubbliness were a few of the things that Gibbs said made up for her 'slight' craziness and disregard for some authority (perhaps most) figures. "So," Abby begged, "does he?" "No," Callen replied. Abby sat down abruptly. "You have to tell him." "The Director doesn't even know Abby," Kensi added. "We couldn't put Gibbs in the position to lie to him." "Of course you could." Abby turned to Callen. "You know he wouldn't say anything. If anyone can keep secrets it's Gibbs." "True," Callen agreed. Barely anyone knew about Shannon and Kelly. Gibbs definitely knew how to keep personal secrets. "So, will you tell him? Preferably before I get back to Washington tomorrow. I can't keep things from him okay. The Director, McGee, Tony, even Ziva – as long as she doesn't get me alone, but not Gibbs." Callen smiled. "All right." "Callen." Kensi's tone was one of warning and he knew about what. Hetty wouldn't like this. "Kenz, even Hetty wouldn't want to put Abby in that situation. Abby's not an agent like us. Gibbs would eat her for breakfast if he got wind she was keeping something from him. Especially about me." - In a way I feel sorry that Gibbs needs to be told this: Since that will mean Gibbs' rule 12 worked out for G and Kensi (or maybe G and Kensi is the exception that proves rule 12?) but not for Gibbs and director Shepherd, which has always made me sad to think about.

"Oh, when did you two get together?" she asked before she left. "A bit after the shooting," Callen answered. "Oh. I remember that. Gibbs was worried about you. Nice to know something good came out of it." - Yes, nice to know something good came out of that.

AW! that Lily/Kensi conversation was SO sweet!
8/22/2011 c10 31TwilightPony21
So excited to see another chapter! I was really in the mood for some Callen/Kensi reading – and then I got the alert for the new chapter!

I’m glad you were able to fit Abby in. I love how she says, "Please tell me Gibbs knows about the two of you.” – although I definitely think she would have gone into the science behind pheromones and the forensic evidence behind their relationship if Callen had given her the chance! :)

Liked this part, too: “Not a good idea to get on Gibbs' bad side." "What about Hetty's bad side?" – Ha ha!

"Kensi locked the door behind him and did a quick tidy-up before heading to the bedroom." – When I read this line, the first thought I had was, so she DOES know about cleaning products from late night TV! Loved that line from the episode.

I thought that was a wonderful scene between Lily and Kensi. I loved how Lily said, "I don't want you to give up on my daddy. You make him happy. He needs you.”

I really like how you are connecting the episodes – they're individual snippets but there's a certain flow to the story, too, with the appearances of Alex, Lily, and James, and also with recurring pieces like the seashell and the anticipation of their second date.

Looking forward to the next chapter – definitely in the mood for even more Callen/Kensi reading now!
8/22/2011 c10 72E Salvatore
So... yay for small sparks that set off chapters! Though I'm sorry to say I might be all out of those...

YES! More Lily!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

See what you do to me?

Anywho, yes, you've got Abby right. Love love love her. And you just know she stands NO CHANCE against Gibbs. Love the little Ziva comment. Cornered by Ziva - scary thought.

Okay, now back to Lily because I can't help myself. Nice to see one-on-one interaction between Kensi and Lily - definitely wasn't expecting that. Don't be silly, Kensi, she's a mini-Callen; I'm sure she can protect herself! But still, I loved the tiny over-protective side to Kensi.

Now for the shell... impressive, the way you used it to describe Callen. Quite a twist, but a nice and logical one, so bravo.

Again, I love the whole chapter. The coming days are dark but I have faith in you and the bunnies. May light fluff and CaKe-ness illuminate your path!

(Yeah, I'm a nutcase right now.)


8/21/2011 c10 472Angel N Darkness
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
8/17/2011 c9 22UnstableBlackWidow
Awesome chapter! I like how it's split into three parts and we got to read about each one. It was really good to see how the reactions are and how the realities are. Once again update soon!
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