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7/11/2018 c48 11countrygirluk56
Yah! I've finally caught up! Nice chapter. Again a nice twist on the original show, this time showing Kensi's first real look at Deeks as his alias Max and how she can't reconcile it with the partner she knows and trusts. Love how Callen explained the alias/undercover scenario and what changes has to be made, but the one constant is the line you don't cross. He made her see that which keeps her trusting Callen, her husband as well as Deeks, her partner. Love the last line. Well done. Now I can relax and wait for the next installment.
7/11/2018 c47 countrygirluk56
Nice short chapter enjoying the banter between the two and the innuendo about fancying Eric or Nell or whether they were an item. Liked the idea that Callen thinks of them as kids though in real life there is only 8 years difference between COD and BF and 14 between COD and RFS (not sure of the Wonder Twins ages in the show)
7/11/2018 c46 countrygirluk56
Whilst everything is an anticlimax after the wedding chapter, this was still well written. Love the fact that Deeks is taking his 'partner' role seriously and looking after Kensi but also love that Callen came home to check on her. Lovely insight into the relationship of the 3 people.
7/11/2018 c44 countrygirluk56
Great chapter. I love that fact that Callen opened up to Deeks about James and Alex and why he's so protective of Kensi. Brilliant twist that Deeks had met Alex briefly and knew her by reputation. Love that you still have Deeks flirting with Kensi and the reason why - she always reacts to it and the warning that Kensi, Callen & Sam would all have his hide if he tried to make a move on her. The jello scenario made me giggle and I loved your last line ... Deeks is very amusing as well as insightful. Very well done.
7/11/2018 c43 countrygirluk56
I think you're definitely correct there. I don't think Callen would have any particular preference as to whether it was a strip club or bikini bar; although he's all man, he's also a gentleman in the truest sense of the word and now he has his lady, he's not interested in anyone else. Nice twist on the original episode. Well done.
7/11/2018 c42 countrygirluk56
Ah was that what he asked Hetty to do? Buy him a bed and bed linen? Very tender chapter and I can imagine what it took Callen to admit those words to himself, let alone express them out loud but as Kensi deserved to know. Extremely well done.
7/11/2018 c41 countrygirluk56
I'm a little confused by this chapter. I can understand the need for Callen to go and investigate the toy soldier angle and Hetty's insistence that he go on his own but I'm a little confused by Louise. Is Louise an alias of Kensi's and was she on a 'second date' as part of a case? Otherwise the telephone conversation worked well. I liked that Kensi was worried for him but that Callen also asked Kensi to watch out for Sam whilst he was away.
7/11/2018 c40 countrygirluk56
Very amusing chapter. Loved the idea of a girls night out included Hetty and it involved wall climbing.
Great work.
7/11/2018 c39 countrygirluk56
The power of angels and their ability to keep us safe. Loved it! Now what has Callen got in mind? At least I don't have to wait to find out - lol
7/11/2018 c38 countrygirluk56
Lovely chapter. So glad Kensi opened up to Callen about Jack and James. What girl couldn't resist saying Yes after being told what she meant to him? Heartbreaking stuff but full of hope too. Well done.
7/10/2018 c48 6ssl71
Good follow-up to the episode.
7/9/2018 c37 11countrygirluk56
Oh so nicely done! I also loved the idea that Deeks was suspecting something was going on. Well done.
7/9/2018 c36 countrygirluk56
Love Callen being the over protective big brother and how tender he treats Nell and that he's worried about Hetty too. Nice work
7/9/2018 c35 countrygirluk56
Like the 'real' story behind Callen and Sam's trust for one another. Makes sense knowing Callen's lone wolf stuff and Sam's history with the SEALs. Still looking forward to how you're going to deal with Deeks' flirting and affection for Kensi.
7/9/2018 c34 countrygirluk56
Such a simple concept but it worked so well. Also loved the idea of Kensi pointing a gun at Callen. Absolutely loved it
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