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5/26 c10 Aedwards179
I was kinda hoping he'd leave and go after darkseid and his army.
7/18/2022 c25 Legaun
I remember reading this so long ago that I missed your last chapter. I really enjoyed this story. Very well done. I hope you keep writing as you have talent.
8/11/2021 c1 Fan
This is the best fanfiction so far in SMWW fandom. Haters gonna hate. But your version SM x WW is lit and lovable.
7/24/2021 c1 Mukade993
Okay, lemme see if I got the characters right.

Superman is a good space-bounty hunter with a bad altitude who only takes jobs AGAINST the bad guys.
Then proceeds to go ahead and take a job FROM the biggest bad guy out there to kidnap an innocent princess. Then beats her friends (who are good guys) to a pulp. And then halfway in the return journey decides to spare (and help) her 'cuz she's hot.

Darkseid is an evil space god with a crush on a human (amazon, but close enough) lady because she's hot for HUMAN standards.

The ladies of JLA, lead by yours truly Wonder Woman are all a bunch of sexually deprived gals who will forgive a guy even if he electrically fries one of their friends and reduces the other to a wheelchair as long as the guy doing this is sexy and has a big di*k.

Batman is... well Batman who regularly takes drugs to increase paranoia and jealousy.

Did I miss anything?
5/23/2021 c16 1Sage of Seventh Sins
That's it, I quit...
A fanfic filled with inaccuracies , didn't expect much but really?
5/12/2021 c1 Guest
The best book I've read so far
4/28/2021 c21 Guest
"Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston version)" reference. "Ghostbusters (1 or 2?)" reference. There are some instances where the little man in the boat can stand very, very tall and salute.
3/23/2021 c14 Guest
I’m going to be super honest I hate the BMWW pairing with a passion.
12/14/2020 c14 6Workshop1873
i wish the part with giganta and superman was more naughty
7/15/2020 c23 claritha06
Please dont leave me like this! I need it! I want to read the fun part! How can i get it?!
7/3/2020 c6 claritha06
I liked your fanfic so much! that i stole it and im fixing it on office word so i can print it and have it on my personal library... so i will read it as much as i can! youre a genius! i absolutely love your job!
your book (this fic, cause right now im at the 150 page, and im on chapter 4!) its gonna be a treasure among all my books
5/29/2020 c25 Guest
Great story, such a fantastic au
5/17/2020 c22 30Hek'UnnSkipper
Also, this version of Kal-El is easier to imagine today due to the Witcher. although I only imagine this as the New 52 character's, Henry Cavil being the Witcher and his roughish yet honarable character is very similar to this one.
5/16/2020 c25 Hek'UnnSkipper
I can't believe it's been two years since I found this story and you completing it. the update date 2018 threw me off because I didn't think it was that long before I found the 24 chapters of pure DC mind porn.
By far the most realistic and creative idea, and I needed a quick fix on motivating myself for the Superman Wonder Woman fanfiction I am writing, inspired by you a lot.
A man without a past isn't something to joke about. when a family friend met with an accident that got him temporary amnesia, he was Frantic. everyday searching for answers on his past, especially when he couldn't remember his deceased family.

the ending though, always wrenches my heart, the 40 year time skip always makes me feel the end we all will eventually come across.

I see some of the Batman fans pissed. but they have to understand, this is a Superman story and yet you have given life to that character with effort. of course they can't always expect him to take the attention in every fic and be a hypocrite when Superman does so. I love Batman, because he adds contrast to Superman by the mere fact that Kal is more human than any in the league and Bruce is more alien than any alien in the league. but many don't appreciate this balance and want Batman at the top in all cases. well, they can find that in 80% of this fandom. just let us SSWW have this.

I can't thank you enough for making this happen and completing it.
hope you are safe in quarantine and I really hope you manage to get into DC comic without Warner Bros strong arming you because it will be a historic day for SSWW fans if you make it in.
5/2/2020 c1 20evolution-500
Really good start!
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