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6/16/2014 c24 3LaNaturalBreezeOf-Books
Fruck! Just when I zhuut my pants you decide to constipate me like a pus! Aaaaarrrghh! Spare a poor earthling the humiliation. Wicked story gotta say. I'm on my toes and I'm not even standing. I saw the skeleton face Kal in the comic and ewwwwww. When Hippolyta started flapping her mouth when Kal came back I was like Oh just fruck off!
We're all waiting for 25! Don't run off Like a pus!
6/16/2014 c24 3battousai222
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6/15/2014 c24 1Dbz looooover
6/10/2014 c24 10unoaranya30
Great plot and action. Loved the hiding and sneaking and plotting from Kal and the rallying of the Jusice League. They showed smarts and courage as well as skill and power.

That's the kind of justice league I like to read about.

Now I want to know what happened after Kal and Darkseid clashed for the last time. But I'll be a good little fan and wait until next chapter.

Very nicely done. It was worth the long wait :-)
6/9/2014 c24 3Godstaff
Wow! It was worth the wait!
So much action!
So much emotion! I love it!
Just one question, in case I missed something, why didn't Kal nor Diana took flight during most of the fights? During the previous chapter and this one a few compromising situations could be avoided if they just flew, I think.
Never mind that. I can't wait for the conclusion.
6/8/2014 c24 krazie4kaldiana
Oooommmgg i finally got around to reading it and it was Amazing very vood job loved everything sensational, and outstanding work...
6/8/2014 c24 16HELLACRE13
Well it's good to have you back. Definitely worth waiting for! Great show down and good to see Polly ready to help with kal.
6/5/2014 c24 gryffindor-stark
I've sat for hours reading this. It's amazing please update soon!
6/5/2014 c24 John
Finally! I came on random to see small updates and if there were new stories, but this! Sweet!
6/5/2014 c24 TheGuessingGuest
Wow! That was worth the wait. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
6/4/2014 c24 48shiro-wolfman-k
Oh, god, THANK YOU! I have been waiting for an update of this for so long... god it was so good, thank, you. Gosh, thank you :D.

You had me at the seam of my seat the whole chapter, tense and reading greadily. Then my light went out. And I felt I could almost die. I went to the home of a friend and beg to him to use his computer... then the light went out there too. XD it was funny, and depressing, now i finally came home and finally could read it whole too.

I'm hoping to see what happened in Apocolipse, and how will the earth react to what happened. Still, thank you very much for the update.
6/4/2014 c24 ghg
Plzzz update
6/4/2014 c24 Nightwing 509
I like the way you had Darkseid get what was coming to him.
6/4/2014 c24 96KaliAnn
Well that was heart pounding, super smart, crazy chapter. So many twists and plots, heartaches and failures. Love and Hate, my goodness everything in here screams that someone worked really hard on this chapter. Good job.
6/4/2014 c24 61ben10987654321
Arcadia! You are still alive!

Now this was an awesome battle. Almost worth the wait though a tad sooner would have been nice. Anyway I'm only griping because i've missed this story so much.

So much happened I don't know where to start. Knew the JL would turn it round eventually as soon as they discovered Kal's gifts.

Though i do kinda feel bad for Wally on his guilt trip. He needs TLC from Donna quick.

And what of poor Zee? Will she pull through?

And loved Diana being forever defiant. There's our Wonder Woman.

Clever, sneaky Kal figuring out how to escape, make a deal with Steppenwolf and almost die because he found a noble streak. Part of me wants to say Idiot! But that would be wrong.

Still he's in bad shape and if he survived have to think possible Darkseid did.

Oh did i read that right? Did Polly offer her help? Is she sick? Possessed? Or did Donna finally give her the metaphorical slap she needed.

Great update.
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