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2/18/2019 c10 Guest
You continue to have spelling & grammar problems. Other than that I have been enjoying your story.
2/17/2019 c6 Guest
There have been some misspellings & grammar errors in each chapter so far. Although I am more than old enough to read them, why so many graphic descriptions of sex between Diana & Kal in so many stories? I have NO idea of the percentages, but a number of stand-up comedians use profanity in their routine. It takes much more work to make their work at least somewhat more "family friendly." I've never read romance novels but I would guess that 20-30 yrs ago they might have used more "artsy" descriptions about sex. There is a time & a place for both direct & indirect descriptions of that most intimate of acts. For some reason I think that indirect descriptions should be used here.
11/4/2018 c25 tamagat
This is the best jlu story ever! This fic will have a special place in my heart.
10/20/2018 c25 2Meaningless Us3rname
It's a great story and that ending/epilog did a nice job tying up loose ends. Thank you for writing it...
9/22/2018 c3 Guest
You made the league far dumber then they are
9/17/2018 c25 SuperWonderStan
This was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. The ending left us with a sense of new beginnings, adventures to come and a brimming feeling of hopefulness. It also felt like everything came full circle for Kal and Diana.

WoW. Thank you so much for this. I can't think of any of your stories that I haven't enjoyed.

As we get older many of us find that we have less and less time to do things we enjoy. Being such a book worm and a lover of fantasy, adventure and romance it has been a pleasure to find writers who do justice to Superman and Wonder Woman. I do hope that you will gain time and inspiration to write another SuperWonderful story in the not too distant future.
9/16/2018 c23 SuperWonderStan
This chapter was intense. You have me on pins and needles.

After all that has happened here, I feel cheated for not getting a more detailed DianaKal lemon scene. Could you PM the scene edited out of this chapter please? Waited 23 chapters for DianaKal :p

I must say however, you have me extremely nervous for what's to follow for Diana, Kal with Darkseid and the Justice League.
9/15/2018 c25 Guest
I really love this fanfic is amazing, can you please maybe do some one shots about this history like i dont know, they having they babies, or the time when kal is president in JL please please
9/12/2018 c25 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
My only complaint is that after teasing us with so many scenes between Superman and Wonderwoman, you fade to black. It's just like DC trailers promises and then they give the crappy movies.
9/11/2018 c6 BrotherCaptainSheperd
Yes, yes. That is bad news
9/5/2018 c1 SuperWonderStan
WoW. I continue to be amazed at your writing prowess. You packed so much into this first chapter. The poignancy of Jor-El's and Lara's sacrifice. Meeting Kal-El as a defiant teenager desiring to prove himself as an alpha, down to the murder of Saki and Dirk. So much happened, yet it felt cohesive and not overwhelming at all. I'm intrigued to read the rest. Especially when Kal learns the truth about himself.

Thank you.
8/7/2018 c25 Cami.Sol
I loved to read this fic!Spent an entire day on it! Thanks and I hope you keep writing. P.S. I'm a BMWW fan! haha
8/2/2018 c24 SuperHetero1
Great story! Glad you finished it!
7/14/2018 c25 10unoaranya30

Really love this story. What a cool idea. So glad you finished it. A great many memorable moments. Kai and Diana going off on a space exploring adventure is really cool. It sounds like some time down the line we will have a story about it. Hope so.

Glad you're back A. I really missed you.

talk soon!
7/10/2018 c9 1HallowedExistence
I absolutely love the interactions between kal and Diana!
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