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for Not the Last Airbender Anymore

1/19/2019 c1 27Element Writer
Sorry about this man, but I need to get my story out. If anybody likes to read one heck of an Avatar story, then check out Element Gang: Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's over on page 18 of the search "avatar the last airbender". Don't forget to review.
9/30/2015 c3 Rylee Doran
HAHA I knew it he is an airbender Now if only there was some romance :)
9/30/2015 c2 Rylee Doran
freaking awesome Is jasper an airbender? I FEEL IT IN MY BONES HES A FREAKING AIRBENDER
9/24/2014 c12 heffronma5
This is a great story, but I think you have abandoned it, because it has been a year since you last wrote anything. If it is not abandoned please write some more really soon.
7/23/2014 c2 1Raven Zinthos 13
its great
5/30/2014 c10 1BriRose
All that i have typed are my ideas for 13. i didn't know you could only post one now, my third option is that they are taken away to a near by prison. once there in the cell, Henry has an idea, he melts the bars enough to brake the bar away(the group could be stuck in prison for away because Henry is still unsure of himself fire bending). meanwhile Suko stumbles on to the circus, he finds Appa and decides to get him. he melts the bars and grabs Appa. while he tries to escape with a drugged Appa he hears the circus helpers take about Aang and the others going to prison. then he gets spotted. Appa is scared so he runs into the woods (dragging Suko with him). while that's happening Toph is worried so she puts a blanket over Jet(it covers his face and makes him look like he's old) and goes out to look for the others. She walks around and then she finds the woods and felt Appa walking and someone else. she finds Appa and Suko(Suko is on top of Appa and is trying to make him fly). When he realizes he can't make Appa move, Suko gives Appa back and tells them what he Suko becomes sick because he goes through the chance(like in the original story). even though Suko doesn't feel good, he helps them out. he shows them where the prison everyone escapes. Then Suko become part of the group. He should b sick for about a week. then Henry and Aang gets a fire bending teacher. the end(well for this chapter any way). i hope you like my suggestions.
5/29/2014 c11 BriRose
opps first opption on 12.3rd on 10 ok. The second option is that the ringmaster is too upset to allow them to watch but the guards are too busy looking for Jet to take them to prison(good way to use Jet in the story). The ringmaster decides to lock them up in animal cages until the guards could come. The ringmaster also decides to be a little nice and put them into a triangle(so they can comfort each other). Aang and Henry in one, Katara and Jasper in another,and Maggie and Sokka in the last(the grouping is important for this to work, at least the waterbenders have to be in different cages for this to work, but i think you should also separate specific benders(Aang and Jasper because they bend the same element) and family(Katara and Sokka so there is less chance for a fight). I don't think you should to group them any differently. Anyway, during the show Katara gets an idea. She says something like," hey Maggie, I want to show you another waterbending trick."Then what ever you want them to say after the conversation Aang, Katara, and Maggie cut the metal with water(like in the episode where they stop the drill). Have someone say that it was lucky that the angles were perfect for the method of escape. Then they cut Appa's cage. they should finish just in time for the ringmaster or a helper to see them leave. you can choose to have them escape without a fight or have a fight(i don't care if they fight or not). then have them get the others.
It is late i will read the last option when i can. good night
5/29/2014 c12 BriRose
I think i have a couple ways to continue your story. option 1: During Appa's part of the show, Aang (and the should of course) would go outside. After moving a couple yards away,Aang would blow his bison whistle. Even in his drugged state, Appa should recolonize the sound and come running. As the bison follows the sound he flies into the tents wall. This causes the entire tent to come down. Appa drags some with him. The cloth is perfect to climb so the group climbs up. At this point you can make it easy and get the others who were worried so they stepped outside, or you can make it interesting. The ring master or one of the circus helpers can also climb the piece of the tent that was hanging from Appa and an intense battle occurs. The group escapes safely(maybe someone could get an injury that causes problems in future chapters) and then they get the others.
this is the first option, i have 2 more but first i am going to save this to make sure i don't loose it.
7/14/2013 c11 ConnorxConnor
is this fic done? i've been waiting for a update for months :/
1/15/2013 c11 thenextavatar1213
I honestly think that they realize that there on another world too fast
7/12/2012 c5 Hunter
This is one of the best fanfictions i have ever read! keep it up :)
7/12/2012 c4 Hunter
I think this story is very good im still reading
7/3/2012 c11 16BlackWolfe
This was a great chapter!
3/24/2012 c4 2Shniggit
Ok, so what I want to say about pulling drinking water from the air... If you think about it logically, we can figure this out (however I haven't had time nor resources to prove it)...(how ever bless Descartes for saying "I think therefor I am"). Now with that out of the way, back to water and the air. It is true that there is infact water in the air, do you see enough to fill a water skin. The water in the air is practically individual molecules... I mean, take your room right now... Say...10 by 10 ft. And then you collected all the water from there... There would be about enough to make... Putting it generously... About 1/4 a drop... If any. So there really isn't a whole lot sitting in the air. Now the desert is a dry arid environment. So there is even less there. Certainly not enough to fill a water skin. In addition with the water in the air being a gas... Which could only really I believe could be bended by an airbender. Which is likely how we are able to see Aangs air blast (that and it is really cool, and it would be lame if you couldn't see it). That's my input... I'm not trying to flame, if anyone can say otherwise tell me. Other than that. I can see this story going somewhere, somewhere pretty cool... Like Valhalla cool. Yeah
2/19/2012 c2 Amy K. W. Peterson
Most of your chapters are dialogue. Try to add more description so we know their expressions and such. n.n
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