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6/9/2016 c4 12JustAnotherIntern14
Ahhhhh u stopped writing
10/27/2014 c4 14RedxHandedxJill
Ahhh 2 year cliffhanger? When will you update? I love this story so much.
9/29/2012 c4 2ElphabaThroppxx
i know i've said it before but i will say it again. PLEASE FINNISH! IT IS SOOO GOOD
7/29/2012 c4 61musicgal3
This is really interesting and I would love to see it updated. :)

Favourite line so far: "He was off dancing in some ridiculous manner that reminded her of a giraffe running around with its arms in the air."
7/2/2012 c4 Guest
Are you ever gonna update? I like this story. Please? Pretty please with a hot Fiyero on top? And the most gorgeous Fiyeraba story EVER! I love it.
6/19/2012 c4 xXPrettyDisturbedXx
love it! update again soon!
5/13/2012 c4 James Birdsong
5/13/2012 c4 126vinkunwildflowerqueen
Aw, this was so pretty! I loved it! It was a very Fiyero moment, and... just so pretty!

And thank you for my birthday wishes. This was a very good temporary birthday present.

I love you too!
5/13/2012 c4 22HollyBush
Mine, probably...:P

Hoping for an update here, because I need to know what the bleep happened at graduation!
2/21/2012 c3 musicalvampirelove
Even if I had to re-read the other two chaps to get into the story again - it's lovely xD I really hope it'll go on soon, but don't stress yourself out^^

LG Niki
2/19/2012 c3 TeamWicked
Awwwwwwwwwww :') Jules that was CUTE! :D loved it... Can't wait for more! Like literally... *shifty eyes*

2/19/2012 c3 carlie
I'm at school, and logging in here is a pain.

I loved this chapter. Your Drunk Fiyero is less giddy than mine, which I think is a good thing.

And I caught the thing about the Vinkun beer :P (But what flavour is it?)

I liked this line:

It was the look that said, 'I won't force anything to happen, but I'd owe the universe a million huge favors if it could do this one thing for me.'

I KNOW that look. I've HAD that look, mostly when it comes to meeting celebrities or something I want desperately to happen.

I shall think about flashbacks and let you know!
2/19/2012 c3 James Birdsong
Cool two chapters
2/19/2012 c3 15Beautifully Tragic Girl
This is hilarious. I'm completely in love with it. You have a knack for humour. Although there were a few issues with tense and grammar, but nothing I couldn't overlook. This us do funny. Can't wait till the next update!

Beautifully Tragic


1/9/2012 c2 16Shaunsie
Another one? Fiyero leaves Elphaba alot in your stories! Julia I'm receiving a message... This Juliyero thing is intense... Maybe even as intense as your live of Foq! Which sounds to me like a swear word now that I think about it... Anywho! Please update! :D I love love love it!

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