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for Growing up with Neah (ADOPTABLE)

8/14/2016 c2 Deadly Sapphire
Why does it kept saying *heart*?
11/10/2014 c3 rhizz17
Update please
5/31/2013 c3 5Shirubagure
Interesting! Although I would rather have neah be renamed allen... It's not nice to just rename someone just because he will be that person... update anytime soon!
3/29/2013 c3 PoisonousDemon
i love this story
maybe cross should kidnap allen and force him to be an exorcist or try to convince allen the earl is bad and that allen has to join the exorcists
6/6/2012 c3 11Mukuro234
I like this alot hehe plz update soon
9/8/2011 c3 3MrMagicFox
Cool story, the outcome for this one is great. :D
8/24/2011 c3 8MnMsRoK
I liked it!
8/21/2011 c2 1Andthensome14
I like the idea of the story and where your taking it, but you could work on the writing style and the grammar. Other then that I love it :D
8/7/2011 c2 8MnMsRoK
R u gonna update soon?

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