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6/7 c8 khatre
I saw Susan and my first thought was Susan Bones and how the hell did SHE get here! LOLS!
6/6 c3 khatre
never did read Narnia ... now I kinda wish I did .
6/6 c1 khatre
Suffer not a Poisoner to live .. That I could happily agree with ...
6/3 c12 1Majerus
I am incredulously joyful. I want so much to read how Leo faces the struggles and overcomes the divisions of the wizarding world... and yet I'm so very happy and satisfied to have received the gift of the tale you have woven.
I was often impressed but this passage,
"Do I have to go?" Leo had blurted out unhappily.

The Lion had been silent for a long moment. "No," He'd said at last, "you do not 'have to'. There is no set path for any of us. It is your choice."
immediately reminded me of Christ in the Garden... what a powerful scene in a compelling story. Thank you.
6/3 c11 Majerus
Simply charming.
6/3 c10 Majerus
I'm conflicted. And saddened.
6/3 c9 Majerus
Incredible. I'm overwhelmed, too many complex thoughts and feelings clamoring at once.
6/3 c8 Majerus
Joyous Indeed!
6/2 c7 Majerus
6/2 c6 Majerus
Lovely! Full of smiles.
6/2 c5 Majerus
All smiles now, and fond ones.
6/2 c4 Majerus
Still a bit teary, but happily so.
6/2 c3 Majerus
I have tears in my eyes.
6/2 c2 Majerus
That was rather beautiful.
6/2 c1 Majerus
Very Intriguing!
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