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for Of Herbal Tea and Axes

8/27/2015 c1 Helen
GAH! Ooh I think just fell in some fluff! Ooh so fluffy and nice, so sweet and comforting! Heehee
6/2/2013 c1 Guest
Ahh, gotta love Luke... One thing I don't love though: that this is the last Harvest Moon story! NOOOO!
7/20/2011 c1 7violetfireflies
Yay! I love this cute story! You are a really great author. I can't wait for your next harvest moon story. :D
7/8/2011 c1 29Lollipopdiego
Ahahaha, deffs cute, and a tad random, but lovely all the same. Love it a lot! Great to see you back, girl.

I just noticed. Elana lives all by herself. Haha, oh the wonders of fourteen. [:

I'll be fourteen in two years, sigh.

Keep writing!

7/5/2011 c1 12theatrelove123

Ehem, sorry, the overall adorableness just overcame me. Fabulous job! It made me happy :).

7/4/2011 c1 AznRinny
Cuuuuuute story! I loved every single bit of it! Knowing myself loving Luke so much, I was freaking out when he got real sick! Totally glad he's all better now! Wonderful story!

-Sincerely Rinny:)
7/4/2011 c1 11Harvest Loon
Omg, this was sooo cute! I'm really glad you're writing again :)
7/3/2011 c1 4paaaaaaaaige
You're BACK! :D

This was really cute. I love these little friendship fics because there's no rushed romance or sudden ILYYYY like most. It's simple and sweet and there's no pressure. I liked it! No criticisms here.

Welcome back and keep up the good work. :3

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