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7/19/2011 c4 9KirstenArcher
Cute ending to a brilliant story. Emma and Marions kids are so cute. I love the concept of the title's meaning. Can't wait to read your next story.
7/12/2011 c3 KirstenArcher
Ahh, so much drama I love it. Thank god Mitch is dead and Emma is alright, I was worried there for a second. Thanks for writing this sequel for me I greatly appreciate it. I'm glad the next chapter will be up and that there will be another story.
7/8/2011 c2 5dove in love
Hey! We were just talking about passions! Esme kicked ass! This is going to be a good story! Please update ASAP! :D
7/7/2011 c2 9KirstenArcher
Yay! another chapter. Good job on making Charles the bad guy, I had a feeling he would LOVE Emma. I loved the reference to passions and Erin's character Esme. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/5/2011 c1 StarstruckbyGaga
I relly liked the first story u write but I'm anxious 2 read this 1 so plz post sooooonnnn :)
7/4/2011 c1 KirstenArcher
Yay! You started the sequel. Good start to your story. Poor Marion, he finally gets away from the twins and he bumps into them again. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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