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for Title: Censored For Security

12/13/2017 c5 Some Person
U r awesome!
6/19/2013 c5 Floatfoot
Nice job.
4/25/2013 c4 1Left sorry
I love the way Dan and Natalie are trying to bring some of the "dark secrets" out while they realize that they sound stupid. Good job, update please.
4/22/2013 c5 1catdreamer39
Oh, that was amazing. Thank you for updating! :D
4/14/2013 c5 FuzzDuzz
BWAHAHAHA! I love it!
4/16/2013 c5 clara0414
Thank you so much for finishing this, Muse. I thought we'd lost you forever when I read your profile and it said you decided to move on with "real things." (So now you're going to leave?) Not that I blame you for leaving—the fandom is currently the most inactive it's ever been. So this update was definitely a light in the dark. :)

The highlight was obviously Dan and Natalie's constant humour, but I enjoyed the Amian moment at the end too. You're amazing at capturing every single one of the characters exactly IC. The transitions between the different POVs was incredibly smooth it barely registered in my mind. In fact, this whole story—I could not even imagine what could have been better.

Again, thanks for taking the time to write this and publish it for us. Made my day. :)
4/16/2013 c5 6ndjuly
Awesome! I love it!
4/15/2013 c5 26Syberian Quest
You're right. This was awesome. :)

I absolutely adore how you wrapped everything up so perfectly. Seriously. I read this before going to bed last night, and it just really made my evening. It's been a while since I read the previous chapters, but Dan and Natalie's bickering sucked me back in instantly. And yeah. You had some pretty awesome moments there. Haha, major highlight for me: "which she edited out of the video later." So Natalie. :)

And the ending - oh man, I was reading this late at night when I was telling myself I should be in bed and it was just so sweet. :) Haha, by the end I had that warm fuzzy feeling from a good dose of Amian, and I was so happy and then I scrolled down and saw that little "thank you," which pretty much made my little happiness bubble erupt. Best. Twin. Evar. :)

Ria 3
4/15/2013 c5 44Holly Chase
Yay! You finished it! Ha, love the way Amy and Ian tricked their gulible little siblings.
4/14/2013 c5 demigod39cluesfan
Great job! Loved it!
11/17/2012 c4 18DorkQueen
"I can't believe you put on a wig and impersonated your sister!" LOLOOOOL
I'm a huge fan of Ian/Amy, and this is really great. :) I love how you captured Dan's dweeb side and Natalie's soft side and I love the growing friendship between them. Keep writing!
9/8/2012 c4 Izzy
best chapter yet! don't you dare stop writing this story like other people have done with totaly awsume storys like this! you are, like, the best author on this website! i am your #1 fan!

PS i was listening to the song freak the freak out while reading this :)
PSS can't wait to here what happens next!
PSSS if you do give up on this story, i will assasinate you in your sleep. i am a lucian, after all.
8/10/2012 c4 26Syberian Quest
You know, I read this the morning I got the alert on my iPod, and there was this one part where I totally cracked up in my room with the door closed and my mom started questioning my sanity. I think this chapter was very much a success. :)

I read this carefully a while ago, but I remember there were a couple things I really wanted to say, especially about your rewrite, which I absolutely loved. Actually, that was the part that made me go into conniptions. The wig thing gave me an AWESOME visual. :) Seriously, you took that filler part and made it into something memorable all on its own. Loved it. :)

And in general, I loved the whole thing. That second-to-last part with the narrator kind of caught me by surprise because I guess it means Natalie has been that "unseen voice" the whole time? That was actually a totally Phineas and Ferb thing to do there, with Dan interrupting her monologue... Perfect. :) Oh, and the [censored] thing has just given me brainwaves. I'm totally going to do that just to mess people up. ;)

So I guess this is mostly a glowing and pointless review because I'm telling you things you already know, like the fact I feel so speshul again for getting mentioned again, but actually there was one thing I didn't like.

And I quote:
"especially since I don't have an official beta to let me know how much I fail."

Excuse me? That's totally out of the question. No more doubting yourself. I forbid it.

Now keep writing and being awesome, shanks. :)

8/8/2012 c4 14Bookworm290
Yay! You updated!
I loved the little insert at the end there - 'foreshadowing'. It sounds ominous and awesome in equal parts, and yet I have no idea what the heck is gonna happen next. XD
8/7/2012 c4 6DeviousDragons
You don't fail, Muse! You're an awesome writer! I really like the plot line, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
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