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12/14/2015 c5 XxxLover
more please more
12/10/2015 c5 Hyzanoru
this is one of the best Naruto and bleach cross over that i read recently!
11/2/2015 c5 SKFerguson1771
Cannot wait for the next chapter please get it out soon!
10/16/2015 c5 axel
espero el siguiente capitulo
10/3/2015 c3 6Kinaki747
Isn't it naruto's last name that means maelstrom or whirlpool while his first name is short for narutomaki, a type of fishcake? He could also be named after the Naruto whirlpools, but since they do not exist in Narutoverse his name comes from the fishcake. It even says so on his page on Narutopedia. See ya. :)
9/18/2015 c5 Deafheaven8
New chapter ever?
9/13/2015 c2 Kinaki747
Just curious, but will Naruto be OP in this story or immensely strong or gradually get immensely strong because I find a story with an OP character dull. There is no fun in a story with an OP character from the start and I find stories with adversity entertaining and intriguing. Also if this story is a harem can it be a small harem. I can't really stand big harems. Anyways hope you have a wonderful day sir or ma'am. :)
9/13/2015 c5 Kinaki747
I'm curious, is Naruto going to have a harem in this story or is it a single pairing, or is he just flirting with the females? Also, interesting concept and plot for this story. :)
9/13/2015 c1 Kinaki747
Now this story seems very intriguing. n_n Not to nitpick or anything but I noticed that there are some misspelled words and a few grammar errors. Other than that this seems like an interesting story. See ya. :)
8/27/2015 c5 3doubledamn
Will each of Naruto's Shikai's have an individual Bankai, and THEN a fourth form combing all three? Or just 3 Shikai and the Bankai is the fusion?
7/28/2015 c5 7ThatCrazyBrit94
Hope you continue this, its a good story.
5/26/2015 c5 matthewdeal25
Please continue this story. At the very least have naruto meet his real parents and end the ryoka invasion arc
5/2/2015 c5 Amoknystrom
I have got to say this is hands down one of my favorite fics so far. I've read most of your fics and can't wait to see the next chapter. Hope to see it soon!
4/6/2015 c5 2bloodlinenaruto
please update this it just getting better and better
3/15/2015 c5 lalo80
Te felicito es una gran historia, y muy divertido ver la reaccion de Saifon. Seguro que querra matarlo. Como reaccionara cuando se entere que es el hijo adoptivo de Yuruhichi.
Porfa no tardes en actiualizar.
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